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Saturday, November 24, 2012

How To Make Towel Animals

Here's a video that takes you through the steps of making six different towel animals.  My blog pal, Dixie, wanted to know how to do it (in the comment section of my last blog post) and by golly, I'm here to please.

You can do what you want to the towel animal after you're finished, of course.  Be creative!  Enjoy.  Have a messy good time, if you so desire!

So, without further ado, here is the video:


klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,

After watching that engrossing video, I'm ready to throw in the towel. But first, I'm going to make a towel elephant and do some really interesting things with its trunk. Oh my, I note that my towels have this sticky, creamy goo on them.

Good of you to share this with the lovable Dixie and with your ever growing legion of fans.

Kind wishes and a year's supply of messy towels, your way, Gary....

Pickleope said...

Okay, as amazing as that was, I was lost after the first move. You role the towel part way, roll the other half back to the center, then...what the fuck? What the fuck is happening!?! It's voodoo! Kill the infidel...Hold on, I can make them towels messy? Never mind, he's a genius.

Pickleope said...

Meanwhile the dude gets fired because it takes him two hours to clean one room.

Gorilla Bananas said...

For some reason I kept on seeing labia while he was making those animals.

Kelly said...

klahanie/Gary- so were you able to watch it all the way through, my friend? You'll be tested on animal towel making later on and if you get a "C" or above you will be awarded the coveted Psycho Carnival Spooge-tastic Towel Trophy. It's made of 80% fine cloth and 20% smoothly squeezed jism.

Gosh, I hope you're not going to stick that elephant trunk towel up your arse at the mall while sitting on Santa's lap this Christmas. That may make Santa uncomfortable and then you'll be put on his naughty list.

Yes, my 'ever growing legion of fans' (I'm up to a million and six by now) have no doubt appreciated this video teaching people how to make animal towels. Seriously, though, when we asked the stateroom maids how long it generally took them to learn how to make each one, they said about a week, altogether. Since they make six or seven different "animals" for each cruise, I don't doubt it. And since each cruise ship sometimes has different "animals" made for guests, with some being more complicated to create than others, I'm sure that amount of learning time varies.

Take care, dude. Hope you have a good time with your 'messy' towels! :)

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Yeah, each animal is a little complicated to make. According to a couple stateroom attendants, it usually takes one of them anywhere from an hour to a couple hours to learn how to make just one, correctly. They actually have their cleaning staff take a course that lasts a week in order to create all six or seven "animals."

As for your 2nd comment, a woman usually cleans your room while you're away at the pool or on land. Maybe the reason for that is because they don't trust men to do it because they're afraid a dude may jack off on a couple of the guest towels and make a "Jizzalope."

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Yeah, I saw that, too. At least I'm not seeing male genitalia in the towels being made. It may force me to question my sexuality. :)

billy pilgrim said...

those foreigners are pretty resourceful, no wonder they're taking all our feckin jobs.

think what he do with an assortment of different colored towels, the sky would be the limit.

Kelly said...

Hi Billy- I know what ya mean. They're either taking our towel animal jobs away or they're jumping around in rabbit suits.

Yeah, an assortment of colored towels would be awesome. Actually, they did that for us one day on the cruise ship. They made a "towel lobster" of two different shades of red towels. There was a hole where it's head should have been, though. So I shoved my cock in there and spooged, mightily.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dixie said...

Gee Kelly... I wondered where the 'anonymous' commentor went? I had to add back the robot gadget to get rid of his silly intrusive arse. Gee, guess even spammers are interested in towel animals!?

Meanwhile, towel videos were great. Yep, if I use black and white towels I can make some great looking monkeys. Wow, pink elephants, green turtles, and orange with cream bulldogs... excuse me, I'm getting hot just contemplating the folds! Thanks, Mr. K.

unikorna said...

:))) that is so fun :))). I could never do it since I have two left hands :).
So you're a warrior killing wizards huh? I challenge you :).

Kelly said...

Dixie- Yeah I seem to be getting a lot of anonymous commentors these days. Most are spammers and link droppers. It poses a slight frustration for me but I'm going to deal with it on my site soon.

Glad you enjoyed the towel videos. I was hoping you would come over and check it out because I thought you and others might be interested. to me, how they make them is interesting because from what they tell me on those cruise ships, it takes hours and days of practice to make them right and they have such a variety that they make. It must be daunting task, at times- even for experts.

If you use black and white towel or colored towels, such as I've seen them do on Cruise ships, you can make all manner of wiled looking, creative animals. Just add your immense imagination and make the magic happen. You're getting hot contemplating the folds? Oh my! You better find a way to cool yourself off. Try a tall glass of lemonade with ice!

You're welcome. Take care, Dixie.

Kelly said...

Unikorna- Yeah, it does look like it would be fun. Sorry about those two left hands of yours. You must get some looks. ;)

Actually, I'm a warrior/mage that kills just about everything. I let the townsfolk alone, though. I'm a bad ass character that leans slightly over to the good. I just steal peoples stuff from their houses as payment for some small and large tasks I do for them... but, I let them live. :)

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