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Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 Of The Oddest Marine Creatures I've Ever Seen

Image of a bizarre sea horse. They've always appeared to me as something from another planet. What do you think? If you woke up to a 3 or 4 ft. long sea horse next to ya, or even a bunch of regular sized ones, laying in your bed, next to ya, in the middle of the night... I'm betting you would have a stroke and shit your briefs or crotchless panties at the same time! Yay Ho and Sing to BeeJesus! And if you prove you won't end up floundering around like a diabetic fish outta water then... then... Well, I don't know.

In Germany, a catfish met its doom when it tried to eat a soccer ball that was floating in the river. The police in Germany, upon seeing this, were a little freaked out. Wonder why? So why in the hell would a catfish try to eat a soccer ball?

And I can't get a scrap of info on this fish. If you know name of it let me in on it. Looks like the Giant Snot ball Fish.


Majase Cyc said...

Never know what you'll find in the depths dude.

By the way, that last photo is a 'Blob Fish' or sometimes called a "Blob Sculpin'.

Kelly said...

Hey Thanks, Majase. I was wondering what the hell that was. Looks freaky as hell to me. Looks like a blob of something.

Needless To Say said...

And like a very unhappy blob, at that! He needs a cigar propped in the corner of his mouth, and a little hat, & he could be a Jimmy Durante fish.

Kelly said...

LOL... Very true, Needless. Not only would he be a Jimmy Durante fish, but he would be the envy of the ocean population with his wicked fashion sense.

Me-Me King said...

Oh, it's a Blob Sculpin'? Sorry, I thought it was the giant Fukwhatta Fish found only in the waters of S.E. Asia, my mistake.

scarletbreeze said...

hey ur site is bizzare..c u.

Kelly said...

Me-Me: You are, indeed, chock full of information tonight! And I am, of course, chock full of shit... er... wit.

Scarletbreeze: Another satisfied customer.

Angryjed said...

The first image is of a sea dragon, it is related to the seahorse but not as close as you would think.

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