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Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Deal About Michael Phelps Pot Smoking

The media is getting all worked up about the trivial pot smoke break Mike took during a college party. He has apologized profusely for his "indiscretion" since the picture came out. The uptights call Michaels's bong hit inappropriate behaviour for the kids or anyone else looking at him as a hero. I say, "Fuck 'em." And, by the way, don't teach your kids to look at anybody as a hero. That's inappropriate behaviour for a parent. In reality, there are no heroes. There are only normal every day people trying to do the best they can.


Tell me which is the more appropriate behaviour for a 23-year-old male: taking a bong hit at a party or swimming an average of 50 miles a week? There's no need to take too long thinking about that.

Kellogg's has dropped him, as a sponsor, so I guess he won't be on any of their cereal box covers. To them, I say, "Fuck you." To his other sponsors, that have still have common sense, I say, "Bravo" for honoring and respecting Phelps by not allowing a trivial matter cloud your judgement. Phelps doesn't need Kellogg's, anyway. He's got 16 gold Olympic medals for his magnificent achievements, the respect of his team mates and more important things going for him than some cereal company can ever hope to compete with.


Breath of Insanity said...

Bravo, Kelly! Bravo!! The people that Corporate America tells us to idolize and emulate are just PEOPLE. All this hero worship is foisted upon them for the sake of a SALE. Parents should know better than to go along with any of it! The values that we instill in our children should come from us, not some face on a cereal box.

Kelly said...

I cannot agree with you more. Corporate America will lie and do anything to manipulate the easily manipulated public. Their tactics are obvious to those with a bit of common sense.

Me-Me King said...


J. Alden Page said...

Seriously... I don't understand why people get so upset about pot.

You can smoke pot regularly and die of old age as long as it's just pot. More so than alcohol.

Kelly said...

I couldn't agree more with ya J., pot has never killed anyone. Stupidity has, though. Alcohol, definitely. I was watching a demonstration in a documentary (forget what is was called). Anyway, they showed a group of people that had drank a very substantial amount of alcohol and another group that had been dosed with THC. Both groups were asked to get behind the wheel, one individual at a time, and were instructed to drive around orange road construction cones in a very controlled and safe area.

To get to the point, the people who were dosed with the THC scored (collectively) with a 90 to 95% accuracy score. The people who had .08 alcohol level in their blood collectively scored 53 to 66%, collectively.

Me-Me King said...

That was my attempt to imitate a sheep.

Kelly said...

And a very good attempt it was!

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