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Thursday, May 15, 2008

There Are Other Life Forms 2

Found this video off Google. It's intriguing.

I still say that if you declare you are 100 % sure there are no other life forms in this universe but those that exist on this planet, well then, you are one arrogant gringo or gringo-ette.

Some of the things you will find in this vid:

Testimonials from reputable UFO witnesses and high ranking military officers

Video clips of UFOs hovering and zig zagging around

Me, holding a banana, naked and grinning sheepishly

Ok, that last one was creepy. Thankfully, you won't find that in this vid.

Anyway, enjoy.


J. Alden Page said...

Cool video. I'm torn on what to think about it. A lot of that stuff seems too big for there not to be accessible proof of it. I also might be giving hairless monkeys too much credit :)

I thought the pictures of the dark side of the moon were interesting. That would be the perfect place to have a military base. You would be hidden from earth, protected, and in the perfect position to attack. It would be way easier to shoot missiles from the moon to the earth than the other way around.

Kelly said...

Hey Jared,

Glad you liked the video. Yeah, the video is intriguing, if nothing else. Deep down, I'd say there has been a cover up and massive amounts of misinformation to go along with it. But I keep an open mind.

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