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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Been A Long Time

Yes, it has. I make no excuses. For those of you I have befriended in the blogging community, I regret not keeping in touch. I wish I could say I'm back on track, but unfortunately, it's not the case. I want to keep on keeping on but....


My friend and I went on a pleasant nature hike in the back woods of my apartment a month ago. We took some nice shots. It had been awhile since I have tangled with the low hanging limbs and thorn bushes of the woods. I am completely out of shape. Not to mention, somewhat out of my mind these days. Nevertheless, it was invigorating. I think my buddy thought, at times, I was about to have a stroke.

He confided to me that he wouldn't be able to heave my hefty ass back to civilization should I collapse. I laughed at that, for many reasons.

Here are a few of the pics we took of the woods and park nearby during our walk.

It's kind of hard to tell, but I'm holding a deer antler I found in the woods in one of the photos above.
My advice: If you need relief from the chaos and stress from this modern world, nothing beats a walk in the woods to clear your head and give your spirit a little boost.


Anonymous said...


Great to see ya back in these parts my friend!

Although walking?? Dude...that is for people who like to "exercise". Whatever the hell that is.

Kelly said...

By golly, Sy, you are correct. What was I thinking?

Well, it's back to choking the chicken and eating Goobers for me.

Thanks, Dude! Great to be back.

MYM said...

Glad you're back too! :) Great photos...looks like fun!!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Drowsey. Glad to be back.
And yeah, It was a rock trippin', tree limb whack in the face of a good time.

But spiritually uplifting, nevertheless.

Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Wowee! You took a walk in the woods? What a FREAK! I thought I knew you, apparently not!

Aunty Kay

p.s. See ya tonite!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Come on, Aunty Kay, you dang well know I'm a freak. After all, you can take a small chunk of blame for embedding that endearing quality in my system.

I believe I feel a furt coming on.

See you later.

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