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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Air Released From The Valve

In the mid to late 1990's, I was writing a zine called "Psycho Carnival". A zine is a self published small magazine. It can contain editorials, cartoons, stories or whatever. I would get mine altogether every 3 months and sell it to people around the country buy placing advertisements in other zines. It was a small mag that I put together to rid myself of all these ideas and thoughts about bad government, big corporations and psychotic clowns named Jeepo. You know, the usual. Anyway, I never made any kind of profit off it but it was a cathartic experience. A valve opening to let out hot air. Which some think, I may be full of.

It was an enjoyable, sometimes difficult time. But some things are well worth the effort.

Here's the poem I created for the zine. It was on the back of every issue that came out during those 3 years. It kinda sums up the jibe of PC, both in zine and online form. Nobody has ever told me what they thought of this poem. Maybe I'm too subtle. Heh, yeah.


From the natal gate
You're pushed out and into
This insanity-go-round
Where dizziness and gaiety abound

Come experience the wonder
Become awed by the hate
Join us in our apathy
Of which I'm sure you'll appreciate

Place your cookies in the oven
Listen to them bake
Pour yourself a cup of envy
And pretend that it's a steak

Oh it's going to be a bumpy ride
Oh it's awfully ironic inside
When you are thrown by this rotating pie
This carnival


Sy said...

Impressive! Have you thought about a resurgance of the magazine, or is this blog a testament to it...but you dont make any money out of it?

Kelly said...

Thanks. I have thought about bringing it back. After I quit doing it, there was this nagging gap, but on the other hand, I had put so much into it for 3 years, I got burned out. I received submissions from other zine writers but not enough to make it considerably less work.

With the online form, it is less work and I can reach more people, which is fun. My intention, with the blog, has always been less profit minded and more "spread the good/insane word" minded. Heh heh. Whatever the hell that means.

Anyone who really digs this blog, knows what I mean.

Sy said...

Why not create an emailable one where people pay you $0.50 via paypal or something like that?

Kelly said...

Never really thought about that. Plus, I'm not sure how I'd go about it. But thanks, though.

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