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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Puff-A-Lump and Krazy Kitty

I have two cats. The orange haired cat is Victor. Mom named him shortly before passing away. He's two years old and very affectionate. Sometimes I call him Krazy Kitty. For good reason. The other cat is named Mufasa, after a cartoon character in the Lion King movie. This calico is getting on in her years but still enjoys playing. She is cute, plump and enjoys hissing at people, cats and little children.

Cats are, in my opinion, more intelligent and sophisticated than dogs. Dogs tend to be really needy for attention and love. Cats don't give a shit. I like that. That kind of personality gels perfectly with mine. Wonder why. Ha and ho. Where a dog will jump up and down and throw his/her dirty paws on your nice, spiffy dress pants and then lick his balls like there's no tomorrow, a cat will stare at you as if you're a complete retard when you beg for it to come over to where you stand.
Victor is a pretty smart feline. But he does enjoy taking advantage of our love for him. Lately, he has been engaging in this nasty habit of collapsing in our baskets of fresh clean towels, not long after taking them out of the dryer. Here, you can see he is quite comfortable. When he's hot, he'll go into the bedroom, press the on button on the air conditioner and sit on the end of the bed, directly in front of it. What's more, before he leaves the room, he'll turn the air conditioner off.

Another trick of his, is upon hearing someone outside our door, he will jump straight up, five feet, eleven inches to look through the peep hole. Victor is nimble, as well.
I have two little stuffed gorillas. One black. One white. Originally, they were Valentine Day gifts for my wife. Both of them whistle, when you press their paws, as if they are whistling at a hot chick. Now the stuffed animals are Victor's toys. When I throw one, Victor will chase it, and sometimes catch it in mid-air. Then he will bring it back and drop it next to my hand. He fetches, just like a dog.

Time to time, he likes to check himself out. He'll go into the bathroom, close the door, stand up and place his paws on the door's full length mirror and stare at himself for a few minutes. I've witnessed this while "dropping the kids off at the pool", so to speak. Ok, that one he does isn't so much a trick as it is odd behaviour.
I call him "Krazy Kitty" because he will run around frantically, nearly tripping me at 5 in the morning, before I've had my first cup of java or have taken a pee. And I'm not a morning person, whatsoever, my friend. I don't know how many times I've nearly tripped and done a "header" into the shower in the morning. He likes to go nutty, chasing the lights on the walls, as well. His head and little paws shake so frantically. Hee hee. Maybe we should turn them off every so often before we have to take him to the cat shrink.
Anyway, I just thought I'd show off my hairy little kids. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a cat freak. Hell, just a freak, in general. And please, try not to look too closely at the picture of me holding Victor. In my defense, I was running a fever and blowing chunks out of both ends at the time.
Dandy Fun.


Some random stranger said...

My cat has an intelligence factor which ranges from "Whoa, screw going near him!" to "He is half way down the stairs. Now is my moment of victory of beating him down the stairs while tripping him up".

For instance, after my country lost a game of rugby they should have won today, I was a little bit "touchy". You know the one. Where my wife just reaches out with a few minutes of the game left and touches my leg in a "It's OK hunny. It is just a game." kind of way. No it bloody isnt! This is my life! The cat though, she left the room after I offered the TV my empty beer can. She knows to stay away. Yet most mornings, she does everything she can to make me break my neck en route to the kitchen in the morning. Or as I walk past her she jumps out and takes chunks out of my leg or realises I have an appendage my wife doesnt and it needs her claws in it. Devious little sod. And I think she is up the duff too. This is not going to bode well.

Kelly said...

Heh heh, yes, I know, unfortunately well, what you mean, Sy. That was funny about what you said, concerning your reaction to the way your rugby game went on tv. I like your humorous comments.

I failed to mention, on this post, the past antics of my sister's cat, Fury. Fury was another wild kitty. She passed on not too long ago. Anyway, Fury was a small, black and white shorthair who once chased a six foot two grown man out of her house.

One morning, my sister woke up to find a perfectly etched pentagram at the bottom of her bedroom door. It was obviously done with cat claws. We thought that was kind of funny, yet spooky, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly - NICE PUSSY!!!

Adam R said...

Hey, sorry wasnt sure where to leave this.

Just a reply from Brutal Insanity :) I'm glad you like the comment, read through your content and i do agree, it's good to see a mind like mine out there!

Anyway, if you read my newest blog you'd understand right now i dont have a load of time, stuck here till next week, but drop me a line at the folliwing email and we'll defintly swap links :)

Keep up the blogging!

Kelly said...

Ha ha. Know what you mean, Adam. We need more insane people like us to rule the world. But the good kind of "insane".

I posted your link.


T-BONE said...

lol!! dude your name suites the post.. nice one!!

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