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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joe Cuts His Losses (Or Would That Be... His Leeches?)

I've never been one for making New Years' resolutions.  I don't believe you should make them.  Very few people are successful at meeting this big, grandiose goal that they've substantially hyped up in their heads, at times, that when the goal fails, they either, if they got any stamina of mind in their selves- they might get back up again to try make the goal happen or more often than not- they just quit trying.  If you don't have this super willpower and forward thinking frame of mind, it just isn't happening.  Then you feel like crap for awhile, maybe.

I've been successful at doing what I set out to do a number of times.  Quitting smoking was one of those things.  I might have one or two with a family member, once every six months, but really, it's no longer a habit or desire.  Every so often, when I see somebody with me, normally a family member smoking, I might have one.

In my defense, I don't buy cigs and I don't get to see these family members often.

Oh, for Christ sakes!  I'm going crazy with guilt. AAAAAHHHH!

Must be that dreaded Catholic upbringing.  That's what my friend, Steve, suggested about me once.  LOL.  He's Catholic, too and I think he might have fun with that, too.

I also don't go to church and I enjoy eating cereal while watching animal porn.  I think I saw "Kellogg's Corn Pops" coming out of a monkey penis, while watching a DVD, while it stuck it's dirty dingus in the nostril of a buffalo.  Oh, the shame!  Of course, the final result is a bunch of sticky tissues in your hand.  More shame.

I also don't like to see these fucking positive affirmation images all over the place on the net and in Facebook, in particular.  You can't solve your problems, instantaneously, or become joyful and content by seeing one of these things.  If I would ever feel like I've been cured of all or some of my problems or negative feelings by being a completely sold customer on whatever nilly willy images and words I see, I'd think myself to be a drooling moron with ticks and spiders in his pants.

Then I'd have a career in show business!  :)

Gosh, I feel better already!

Please, for the love of all that feel they must have pouty lips, get realistic and and come back to reality for a visit.  Everyone's insipid positive affirmation images on Facebook give me the runny shits.

But I was watching a news TV program, this morning and these two advisers, that had fields in psychology, were offering this advice about resolutions some people make every beginning of a new year:

1- Make your resolutions proceed in small steps.  For example, set your goal to be accomplished in two weeks.  If you get past the two week or two day or any other short maker of time, add more time to the resolution.

2- If you're overeating or overdoing anything, do what ever is giving you pleasure but do it in increasingly smaller increments.  For example, instead of eating a horse trough's worth of fatty barbecue ribs, today, trying eating a meal that can be fit on a plate and then continue decreasing the amount of food or changing over to something with lighter calories.  Then, go from there.

They said more but I can't remember the rest.  Maybe if you insert your genitals in a old wooden mouse trap and the bar comes down hard, with a loud crack, it will magically come to me.  I'm not asking for much, I believe.

Wait a minute...  Oh yeah... #3-  Forgive yourself if you fail with meeting a goal, regarding your resolution- but realize the bigger failure is to not try again.

Right now, I'm going to change the subject.  I'm boring you.  I can tell.  You're doing the droopy head thing you're doing. :)  Yep.

Here's a positive affirmation pic to pep you up:

I swear I don't know what a 'Mexican Microwave' is.  Is that anything like a monkey when he spurts Kellogg's Corn Pops from his penis???

Let's say I've had a conversation with a guy named Joe.  Joe is a guy who seems well adjusted and well meaning.  He has a great sense of humor.  And he's real.  Yes.  He is a real Joe.  His cup runneth over with Joe, even at this moment. Imagine that!

Let's say he's just really real.

We got together at a fast food joint and talked for an hour.  Joe's a friend that seems to listen.  And he's not very judgmental or an annoying constant advice giver that has a degree in making assumptions (unless it's asked for... the advice that is) unless he's talking about self-serving, wealthy political groups.  With these assholes, he's quite judgmental.

Joe said he has been getting so much frustration, verbal abuse and out of control anxiety from a certain relative for years. Ever since a certain tragedy, involving Joe's mother, is concerned, Joe's father's mental state has gotten, admittedly worse, in the last seven years, due to his Dementia and a series of possible mini strokes, but he also suffers from depression.  He waves away help with that last one, of course. All of this is unfortunate and for a long time, Joe, his sister and his cousin would do anything for him, almost.  Instead of seeking help or trying, just a little, to keep his verbally abusive and erratic behavior in check, Joe's father, he explained, just lets go at whoever is near him, unleashing all of his anger and bitterness at those closest to him.

He does it to complete strangers- anywhere.

Joe's father was leaving candles burning at the place for where Joe's mother and father were living, after his mother had passed.  He also left on, for hours, the oven and stove, lights in the rooms, electrical things one would turn off in an acceptable amount of time and more.

Btw, Joe also mentioned his father was finally put in an assisted living place and finally-FINALLY, AFTER YEARS HAD GONE BY- Joe's dad had his car keys taken away due to wrecking his car into someone.  He had wrecked into a guardrail a year before.  Luckily, the woman in the other car, that I mentioned and Joe's father weren't hurt in the incident but it was the final thing that got his driver's license taken away.  It wasn't the fact that five doctors said Joe's father shouldn't be driving.  It wasn't the fact that he went walking through a blizzard across the hills and valleys, alone, for a couple miles, to have a big mug of beer at a bar to wash down his many medications, either.  Any of this could have killed him and then there was more he wanted to say but I cut him off, at one point and I said, sprightly, "Always look on the bright side of life, dude."

Of course, that quick bit of advice picked him right on up.  Whoopee!

Now, Joe said, his father doesn't try to make real friends where he lives.  He blames the kids for everything. Talks about dying whenever he wants attention.  Talks about being betrayed.  This, Joe pointed out, wasn't oozing out of his Dad's pores just because he suffered from Dementia or mini strokes.  He had been verbally abusive, sometimes physically abusive, since Joe was a kid.  Now it was a hundred times worse, he noted.  He wasn't grateful for all the doctor visits we had to take him to or the visits where we would take him out to eat.  Just about anything wouldn't please him.  And Joe says, that sometimes, you just have to cut your emotional leeches.... or losses (if you can call them that). Especially when they make you stutter.

Joe stutters when he's in anxiety-induced situations or if he thinks about his father or grandmother too much.  Joe said his grandmother could suck the goodwill, happiness and patience out of you, too. He told me that, even though I could see that was obvious, from his pale, defeated appearance, when he spoke of his father or grandmother. And now, he said, his stuttering words come popping out of his mouth whenever he's in any kind of tense situation.  And don't get him started on his insane cat that eats paper, cardboard, meows like a demon and chases imaginary enemies.  Joe won't finish his grilled burrito.  He thought his new cat might be the devil, he jested and left that subject alone.  He stuttered a bit, though, and some wilted lettuce slipped out of his mouth.

He shook his head.  Years of trying to please and make negative people content had nearly drained him dry. Though, he said, often enough, that he had told his father about what his father was directly doing to him.  All that Joe's father knew was what was bothering himself.  He didn't ask about Joe's many maladies, recent test results or how things were going, in general, on his end.

I told him, "Yep.  When those people you are closest to, know what they're doing and show that they don't give a flying fuck about your good mental health, it's time to be guilt free and go forward.  Let the negative parasites dwell in their own muck.  You tell them, 'I need a nice big break from you, apathetic fucker.'

Then I told Joe I was kidding on that last part but it made him laugh, anyway.  Want to know a secret?  I was serious on that last bit.  :)  Joe badly needed some laughs.  Any kind of joy, actually, was what he was lacking. Other things were bothering him, too, he said, but he thought that as long as he had the will to push forward and not get stuck in the muck, he would be fine again.

Being stuck in the muck, physically or emotionally, really sucks.

Joe said he would like to think of the way his father used to be and reflect on that.  For a long time, he admired his father and respected him.  He said he still does, especially when he isn't around him these days, for the most part.  Funny how that works, I thought.  Or not.

Then he got a phone call, at the place we were eating.  Joe took out his cell phone and asked, "Yes?"

It turned to be his father, wishing him a happy new year, Joe later revealed and they had talked for a few minutes, without a verbal confrontation.  A small and pleasant miracle.  Joe was instilled with happiness once more.  Joe didn't stutter for the entire night.  Towards the end of the evening, he did say he was going to keep certain people away, at arm's length for his own well being, for the good of his own mental health. at least for a lengthy period of time.  He said, after all, he wasn't a complete or final quitter- on anyone or anything.  He advised his sister (and in a roundabout way, his cousin) to do the same when it came to his father and taking breaks from him or others.  He upsets them, too, but at different levels.

Joe pointed out that his anti-depressant medication, anti-anxiety medication and those wonderful, supposedly uplifting, stupid, fucking positive affirmation pics and words aren't miracle workers.  I nodded my head, in agreement and then replied, "You've got that right."

Joe suddenly stood up and shouted, "Happy New Year!" to everyone at the restaurant and in the blogging world and wished everyone a peaceful year, ahead.

I looked back and gave everyone the finger when Joe finished with his sickeningly sweet gesture of good will.  My New Year's resolution, this year, is to be really nicer to people.*


Just kidding.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Take care.


bazza said...

Hi Kezza. Blimey, I've read shorter novels than this post! Great fun though and not short of genuine wisdom in places.
I wish you and yours all the best for 2013.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,

An awful lot to take on board. And I think my ship just about sunk.

I'm sensing this was a rather bitter sweet posting and I know you like to find a bit of fun in some ironic situations. And I'm thinking of posting up some nauseatingly twee photos with such amazing, profound philosophy on Fartbook, or Farceook, or Fakebook, that it will bring tears of joy and inspiring farts, beyond your wildest dreams.

Dude, I know it's been a tough haul and my resolution is to continue to support and encourage you. You're a good man. Dammit!

Have a peaceful, positive and fart-filled, New Year....


Kelly said...

Bazza- Gosh, Bazza, I don't know what to say about the novel comment. I didn't think it was that long, especially if you were to leave out the pics.

Glad you thought it was great fun and had some wisdom to it, too. I wish you and your own loved ones a safe and a new year full of contentedness.

Take care friend.

P.S. I'll make the next one extra shortened... just for you. :)

Kelly said...

klahanie- This post almost sunk your ship, eh, Gary? Oh my! That's almost a shame. I hope you weren't forced to cry a boatload of tears over it. :)

Yeah, it was filled with a bit of everything. there were a few bright spots. Thank goodness for those. I count the time with my wife, the cats, my Aunt's dinner gathering at Christmas and the time at my sister's place around the holidays as a big plus. The minus part would be Dad's aggressive, over-the-top ramblings in our car and my grandmother's surprise outbursts to be the things that got me down, for the most part.

I try to focus on the bright spots, though, no matter what tries to drag me down. Just gotta move on and or deal with it. Sometimes, those things are one in the same, ya know?

I thank you for your continued friendship and support. I know I still owe you an email. Haven't forgotten. I'm gonna try to put up another post on the ol' blog before my wife gets home from work.

Happy farts and kitty poop to you- and a Happy new Year to you and your son. Peace out!

Dixie said...

Happy New Year, Kelly...11 more months to go. Yep, I'm a little late. What a heart warmer! Gee, I had some serious emotional bouts reading this, and now my sinuses are cleared, thanks.
And Kelly... you have a real nice bird finger... not to covet.
More later, my friend. Dix.

Kelly said...

Dixie- Happy new Year- right back at you, sincerely, my friend. No problem being late.

Yeah, half of this post was a real heart warmer, wasn't it? I tried to infuse bit of humor in it as well as I could. whenever I have to deal with serious subject matter, I find it best to find the humor in it, whenever possible. that can be a challenge at times.

I'm sorry that this post caused you some serious emotional bouts but I'm glad it could clear your sinuses. You're welcome! :)

Thanks, also, for enjoying the finger image joke. I thought it was funny but don't get the idea it was meant for anyone reading this. I highly value all my blogging friends like you and would never think to insult any one of you. I'm being sincere.

On the bright side, my latest visit with Dad was a relaxing and pleasant one. My sister and her little family, plus my wife and I and my mom's cousin all went out to eat at LaRosas restaurant, recently, since creating this post. We all got caught up on each other's lives and Dad behaved himself. I think that was due, in part, because he had just gotten some bad but no unexpected new about his brain. It seems that not only has he had a multitude of mini strokes on top of having dementia but he also suffers from his brain shrinking. We found this out from a neurologist who studied his MRI. So... he was depressed about that. But I could tell he did enjoy the get together that day and being around family does seem brighten his spirits a little, at times. This day was one of them.

Take care, Dixie. Sorry about my novel-sized response here. :) Have a great weekend!

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Prove to me the world's more
XX-citing than Seventh-Heaven
and I'll buy you a beer Upstairs:
1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, baby...
in Seventh-Heaven, bro,
eternity is our Final End.

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