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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inclement Weather and Inclement People

I know.  It's like I'm only barely eking out one damned post a month.  Let's just say I've been keeping busy and worrying a lot about personal problems going on in my life and leave it at that.  But then, what else is new, eh?  Would I like to say things are semi-fine or halfway tolerable?  Yep.  I sure would.  You may think me a pessimist or call me an alarmist but, really, I honestly try to bring harmony in my little part of world only have it it crushed, pulverized and throw back in my face like a messy, sticky wad of pre-chewed Goobers.

This is going to have to be one of those times where I don't reveal what's happening in my personal life right now.  To recall it and write it in any kind of half-attempted detail here would only send me to the Community Mental Health Center.  Let's put it this way: I almost checked myself into such a place, yesterday and people who don't suffer from severe anxiety disorder or depression might have had the same thought cross their minds if they had gone through what I've gone through this week.  It's enough to make you (actually me) wish that The Grand Joke of Life that sometimes plagues the continuously unfortunate would just take a big ol' hammer, whack one in the head and get it over with.  Ha. Ha.  Gosh, I'm quite the kidder.  Let's just say that and move on, shall we?

Speaking of Goobers... Look!  There's Goober!  He's with Andy!  I wonder what tune Andy was playing?  It was probably something lighthearted and something that made sense.  Kind of like the opposite behavior of the people we have running around the world today.  Btw, Andy Griffith died not too long ago.  Don't ask me about Goober, though.  I don't know if he's down in the dirt and food for maggots or what. The last I heard, he joined a circus that was demon- owned that had crazed clown midgets and hell hounds running the show.   Hey, that reminds me of a story I wrote about a month ago!  How about that?  

But anyway...

I will say that the only reason I'm able to write this post is because the temperature has gone down to a nearly tolerable level in this part of the apartment and I rigged a gate, an old window screen, to be exact, to keep the new kitten from jumping around and eating my electrical wiring.  Plus, some of the problems that were taking hold of my sanity have quelled enough to a point where I can put a sentence together with my keyboard without foaming at the mouth and pissing my pants.

Damn.  People are getting are crazier by the day.  Every once in awhile, I'll create some crazy assed story  or comment on some crazy assed piece of news that's going on in the world but I tell you what, folks.  The true life stories that are going on these days put my own fictional or incredibly real tales to shame, or at the very least, seem lame by comparison.

The whack job that went into the Colorado Theater and shot 71 people, wearing a costume or something, while everyone was attempting to watch the new Batman flick is just one of many signs this country is plain nutty.  I would say he's inclement.  You never hear that word, describing insane or unfeeling people much, but I'd say it's time for a new word to describe cruel or apathetic people.  People use this word to describe the weather these days but I would cheerfully give up this word to be associated with this fucker.

Insanity and cruelty must be bliss- for this guy.  His creepy-as-fuck smile says a lot.    
Speaking of inclement weather... what's going on here?  Non-stop floods and rain in the United Kingdom and over here, in the U.S., we have severe droughts and non-stop 100 degree temperatures nearly every day.  In other parts of the world, they're having "opposite weather" of what they're supposed to be having this time of year, as well.  And it's all being dealt out in heavy doses, causing anguish upon almost everyone that I've interacted with or read about. It's like the weather is mimicking the world's fucked up economy, violent state and it's loony people.  Or it's the other way around.

And let's not forget the cannibal dude who ate the homeless man's face, either, awhile back.  This guy didn't even stop eating this poor man's face as he was being shot and told not to eat the victim's face.

You would think that maybe the guy on the right was...uh....  kinda nutty.  Nope, it's the guy on the left that eats human flesh.  Whatever you do, don't hunt for the picture on the net, provided you haven't seen it, already, of the homeless guy's "face" after the cannibal dude gobbled most of it up like a kid at the fair with a stick full of cotton candy.   Or a handful of Goobers.  That picture of the homeless guy, after the cannibals handiwork, had me close to puking.  And that, my friends, is pretty bad if you can make me sick.
Personally, I don't understand it all.  The fucked up economy, the crazy people, the inclement weather, thinly veiled wars that are actually about greed and power, the messed up priorities of politicians and inclement DICKtators around the world and everything else I'm leaving out- but I'm sure you've seen on the Internet, newspapers or TV- it's really oddly coincidental that it's happening in such a short span of time.

George Carlin was a very wise, witty and humorous comedian and author.  R.I.P.  He's one of my heroes, actually, along with Kurt Vonnegut.  They really understood human nature.  They weren't shy about speaking their minds and being honest and direct.  Those are characteristics I mentally applaud about people who unabashedly exhibit them.  I hold both of the mentioned authors, who were realists and humorists, in very high regard.  I'm rather proud to say I own all of George's albums and books and I can say that I own most of the masterpieces that Kurt Vonnegut penned during his life.

My point is, is that George said, more than once, "When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show.  When you're born in America, you get a front row seat."  Wow.  The more time passes during my own era, the more truer and relevant that becomes, George.  And it seems the rest of the world is trying to shake off the fleas (the humans) more so than usual with rampant floods, death-bearing heat, earthquakes and so on.

I truly feel for the victims of those who have been shot and killed in senseless shootings, wars and so on.  I also feel for those living in poverty, never knowing a life where food is plentiful and healthcare is there to benefit them.

I guess when there are people that still feel and aren't apathetic to those around them, there is still hope.  There are days when I try to hold tight to that idea.  Some days, it's harder to do that than others.  But let's all try!  And let's all try to be better human beings and feel something humane for our own species.  At this rate, I have to admit, it feels as though we're quickly spiraling down the drain of history. 


Brandon Lostinidaho said...

Bath salts and movie massacres... are we sure the Mayans aren't right about the world ending?

If Romney wins in November, I'll be looking for the Hale-Bopp comet and the kool-aid man.

middle child said...

I feel exactly the same as you do. Two exceptions.
1. I do not want to be forced to learn spanish.
2. There is a God and it is us who are raping the earth.

Thank-you for speaking the words that I speak in my head. I hope you feel better soon. I think the reason I am not social anymore is because people are generally mean and uncaring. Peace.

The Angry Lurker said...

Glad to hear your still functioning my friend but the world is still going to hell in a hand basket!

bazza said...

The real meaning of inclement is 'unmerciful'; I suppose that's how a heatwave feels. We have Summer at last in the UK after the wettest three months since records began. During most of that time there was a garden hose-pipe ban due to drought!
Sorry to learn you are having a tough time lately. I am sure your entertaining posts will back to normal soon; we will wait patiently. Good luck Kezza!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Dixie said...

Health issues have a life of their own(no pun intended).

I'm often affected by the news, views, and weather. The Colorado incident was very sad but I still maintain the citizen's right to bear arms. The United Nations' goal is to disarm all countries' citizens. So sometimes I wonder if incidents like this are not somehow 'arranged' to frighten people into submission.

In fact, I feel that way about a lot of issues we face today. You might call me paranoid, or a conspiracy theorist, but the fact is: fear can be a motivational vehicle to control people.

Still within my spirit there's great hope that 'this too shall pass.' I believe in a divine creator and if some one doesn't then that's their lot. My life is better because I do. I cannot explain in this small comment why the faith I have is so strong. I'm encouraged to know that things happen even though I may not know why. Some of the worse possible scenarios have turned out to be for my best interests.

Kelly, I hope your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit will begin to soar. May the creative life we're each given to use become a realized dream of yours. I find great eloquence in your writing, even when you're discussing the most simplistic things. Bless you, friend.

Anonymous said...

As time goes by, I believe the Mayan calendar may be correct. I think 12-12-12 may be the end of it all. A shame for some, but relief for others. Personally I really don't care either way. Having a very near death experience a few years back has left me kind of numb. If I die in a few more months, Oh Well! Auntie Kay

Static said...

The world has always been crazy. It's just advertised more these days. I say we continue to celebrate insanity and serve up some French fried DICKtators.

billy pilgrim said...

my former roommate in the nut house has a foundation to deal with poor, depressed people. here's one of his pearls of wisdom:

“Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”


Kim said...

I sincerely hope things improve tremendously in your personal life, even if the weather continues to batter everyone with its extreme conditions. We really don't have control over what goes on in the world, or even with those around us - but we can indeed control our thoughts and attitudes. And a more positive approach will surely be beneficial, if not healing. You are so wise, Kelly!

Kelly said...

Hi Brandon, how ya doin'?

Maybe the world is ending. Lol. I don't know. I think people are striving to end their species, whether they acknowledge it or not. Like you, if Mitt the Twit wins in November, I might take a gander towards the heavens for a humann species-ending comet and a crazy Kool-Aid man/large glass pitcher hybrid life form, myself. Take care, man. For what it's worth, I'm voting for Obama.

Kelly said...

Hi middle child,

How ya doin'?

1. I, too, do not wish to be forced to learn
Spanish. although I did take a few course in that language when I was in high school over 25 years ago and can't really remember anything but "El Grande". Taco Bell may have something to do with that, though. ;)

2. I believe in a supreme being or force, as well. Recently, I prayed to God, Jesus, Mary and my mother, who passed away years ago, for a miracle. And it came to happen. I rejoiced and thanked all those I just mentioned. That's probably the only main thing I disagree with- when it comes to George Carlin's and Kurt Vonnegut's past statements or comments on their beliefs. They were "devout" atheists. I'm not. I do believe in God or some supreme force for the greater good.

And I agree with you on the last part of your comment. Unfortunately, most people are generally mean and uncaring. Increasingly so. anyone who isn't blind, can see it clearly. Peace to you, my friend. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

Kelly said...

Hi Angry Lurker,

How ya doin'?

Thank you for saying that first part. I'm trying to keep functioning. I know full well I'm to too participatory these days in the blogging world but I do what I can when I can. I agree. The world (and the people, as well) are going to hell, so to speak, in a hand basket. I try to hold on to a shred of positivity but the signs are apparent, I feel, where we're headed. In the past, I would have thought,there's still time for people to come to their sense and make a positive difference that could turn things around. I still think there's a chance but, in the end, I feel most of us are too greedy and blind to make it happen. We went past that point and the world is letting us know about it in a big way.

Kelly said...

The real meaning of inclement, in it's entirety is:

inclement [ɪnˈklɛmənt]
1. (of weather) stormy, severe, or tempestuous
2. harsh, severe, or merciless

The word can describe both weather and people. Pretty neat, eh? :)

I agree. That is how a heatwave feels... 'unmerciful'... not to mention 'harsh', 'severe' and so on. You guys in the UK had it really rough. I was talking to Gary and others from Facebook and they all had weather-related horror stories to tell. I didn't hear about the garden hose-pipe ban due to drought, though. I feel sorry for you guys in the UK and for people all around the world- feeling the side effects of global warming and this "out of whack with the season" type weather we're experiencing.

Take care, Bazza and thank you for your kind words and support.

Kelly said...

Hi Dixie,

How have you been, lately? I don't know what the heck I got on my fingers, but somehow I've wiped out the letters "I", "N" and part of the "U" on this practically new keyboard of mine. Good thing I know where it's all at by memory and constant typing over the decades. It's probably from the cleaner I use on the monitor. Who knows? I do know I'm rambling off topic again. :)

Yeah, I believe in the citizen's right to bear arms, too. Everyone should have the right to defend themselves, adequately. I've been thinking about buying a gun, myself, the last couple of years but my wife doesn't want one in the house. It could be that these incidents are "arranged" like you suggest but I don't believe they are. There's just too many and it would be too difficult and "the cat", so to speak, would be let out of the bag about it. Just my opinion. I do believe, like you, that fear can be a motivational vehicle to control people. I believe the 9/11 true-to-life nightmare was used this way to go to war against Iraq and capture Hussein (who wasn't the one responsible for the tragedy in the first place). That tragedy was used as an excuse for Bush, Cheney and other corporate thugs to set up shop there, gain a foothold and reap profits. The majority of the American public bought the whole charade of it being the "patriotic" thing to do- in going after the wrong country and wrong guy. It was a successful scam, in short.

Hopefully, it will all pass. Doubt all this crazy, deadly stuff will eventually fade away but It would be great if it does. Like you, I believe in a divine creator (or supreme being(s)). I have a strong faith in the spiritual because of things I've witnessed due to prayer and because of personal experiences with spirits (long story). That's one main thing I disagree with Carlin and Vonnegut on- the not believing in God or similar entity. They were atheists. I am not. I believe my mind, soul and spirit has soared for awhile now, despite my bouts of anxiety and depression. My body, on the other hand, is causing me trouble. :) With the diabetes, foot deformities, neuropathy, high BP, hernia surgeries and so on, my body has been through a lot. It would take another lifetime to write about it all. lol. But I still keep a sense of humor about it all. I don't feel many in my shoes could handle all that I've been dealt. I've been on meds, insulin and seeing doctors for years and still take care of my Dad and wife. I thank you, Dixie, for the compliment about the eloquence of my writing. I feel the same about your own. You inspire! That is a talent and a gift. Take care, my friend.

Kelly said...

Hi Auntie Kay,

I hope your sinus infection has gotten better by the time you read this. If you read this. :) Who knows? That 12-21-12 Mayan stuff, plus all the rest of the predictions from Indian tribes and others that point to the 21st of December as the end date for humanity might be true. Like I've told you, I think, we might bring it all about- our own selves- just by rioting and panicking ourselves into thinking that's the End of Days and creating chaos, beatings, robbery and death.

Personally, I do feel and I did have a vision in my mind that disturbed me when I was a kid. It was a prediction image. I didn't even know what it was until I found out what a nuclear blast looked like in school later on. I hardly get the predictions/visions any longer. When I'd get them as a kid, they would come true, though. Half of the shit, like snapshots from out of nowhere, would be about trivial things. Some of the "snapshots" would be of things that mattered, somewhat. Only a few would be big enough to think about but I kept most of all of that to myself for fear of ridicule. I had enough bullying done to me as a kid during that time because I was quiet and shy, which was somehow interpreted as being stuck up. Which I think was an excuse for kids to bully me because they were probably getting bullied by one of their parents or another kid. (A blog post for a later time) Later, in my twenties and thirties, I wouldn't get the visions as often, but they would still come true when I did.

Yeah, I know what ya mean about those near death experiences. I hope you don't die in a few more months but if we all do, we'll be in a much better place, for certain. This I know. Take care. Get better! see ya on Fartbook!

Kelly said...

I truly believe the human race has gotten crazier and has been showing that their insanity has been reaching peaks that haven't been seen before the last five years in a number of ways that I've both mentioned and not mentioned during the duration of this blog and my various rants on Fartbook. I don't think it's just that it's been televised or 'advertised' more than in the past.

Something is definitely different. I've been observing things outside the net and TV and the rest of the media and seeing it happening.

Still, I'd still like to serve up those French fried DICKtators in an electric chair or in a vat of boiling water. Soups on!

Kelly said...

God damn it... We should be kind! And therein, lies part of the problem. Most folks aren't. I still hold out hope that we may come together and treat this planet and our own species with decency and respect one day but I know it's not going to happen anytime soon- unless a big change takes place.

Btw, that quote sounds almost like something Kurt Vonnegut would write. Cool.

Kelly said...

Hi Kim,

I hope you are doing well. I promise with all my heart that I'll be visiting your blog tomorrow- unless a family thing come up (dad). The good news is, is that things have been improving, already, in my personal life. My Auntie Kay sent me an email, God bless her heart, that made me feel better. So did Gary. God bless his heart, too. The best thing that happened, however, was when I prayed, sobbing for a miracle and my prayers were answered for something I'm too ashamed to talk about that happened over the weekend.

I won't go into it. But anyway...

I think both a positive and realistic approach is beneficial. Having one without the other doesn't work or pan out, from what I've experienced. Being realistic is all about being cautious to avoid being hurt financially, physically or emotionally or leading others to getting the same ill effects of not being realistic. Being positive is helpful as long as you "keep your head out of the clouds" and just completely believe all will be well without attempting to direct things that you can direct- to a positive end result. This I believe with all my heart and soul.

I truly appreciate your compliment suggesting that I am wise. If I am wise- in any way- I believe it is from a result of having so many wonderful, unusual and difficult life lessons and experiences that I've endured throughout my lifetime thus far. I've had more than a couple people, during my life, suggest that I write a book on the incidents that have happened during my life. I'm not sure I could handle that, for a variety of reasons. LOL. An inside joke on that point. Too difficult to explain. :)

Indeed, we can control our thoughts and attitudes. Some can do it better than others. :)

In any case, I look forward to our continuous interaction on Facebook, our blogs and so on. You are a great and kind friend who has offered tremendous support, laughter and wisdom to me during the months I've known you. Take good care, Kim.

Kim said...

Kelly, I'm so glad you said that, about needing to be realistic along with being positive. Too many place too much emphasis on the positive part - without realizing how crucial it is to not lose a grip on reality. You just can't wish (or "positive") away what truly is.

I'm so sorry you're still having to struggle with personal situations that cause you grief and anxiety.It's great to hear, though, that at least some of your prayers were answered. That's cool.

Life's been throwing some painful curveballs these days, I just wish for you more peaceful, happy times.

p.s. - glad you're back on Facebook! :)

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
You and I have interacted via another social network regarded the turmoil and the anxiety that you have been experiencing. So, of course, that's between me and you. All I can really do is try to be of support through genuine empathy having my personal ongoing mental health concerns.
Sometimes, it seems no matter how much you try to be realistically positive, a negative environment does its bloody best to sabotage your good intentions. Somehow, you battle on.
The atrocities that occur in the States and the latest shootings at the cinema, does make me wonder when they are going to stop making it so damned easy to purchase a firearm in America. Gun control wont solve everything. However, I believe it might be a start.
I wish for you, my friend, some peaceful times ahead. We are all in this together and together we can help each other.
My apologies for such a late comment. As you know, I have some very worrying situations in my own life. Yet, with this shared verbalisation, we know we can feel a modicum of comfort.
Take care and thanks for your kindness.
In peace, hope and understanding, your way, Gary

Kelly said...

Hi again,Kim

Thank you for stopping by again at the ol' blog. Did ya notice I kept my promise about coming to your latest postings and commenting? Lol. Miracles do happen... especially when outside forces allow you to sit down at your PC and do what ya want. Tee hee.

But getting back to the seriousness of what you said- I'm really glad you got my point. It's frustrating, after awhile, to have the things I write be misinterpreted or just explained away as being negative. It's even worse when I'll write a humorous post (like this one was, thought) and somehow make it into a negative rant on life. I find that very odd. Especially, when I said at the end of this post, in particular, I pointed out that people should have hope but be realistic enough to deal with the problems we face as human beings in this troubled world- at the same time. I applaud you, again, for getting that.

by the way, things are looking up for me and all is stable and well. I thank you for your kind words and taking the time to respond again. Take care, Kim. P.S. I know we all have problems and I think more people should talk about them more in order to find some type of release. It can be a type of therapy. It works for me.

Kelly said...

Kim.. I meant to say this was a halfway humorous post. The actual shootings, face eating and chaotic weather patterns are serious. Sometime, I type so fast, I don't catch my errors. Take care and see ya on Facebook, my friend.

Kelly said...

Hi Gary, my man, my com-padre, my amigo, my pal that makes me go, Wow! :)

I won't address your first two paragraphs of your reply that much because I think we've done enough of that, already. Let me just say, Thank you again, for responding back to my PM when I needed the wise words and comfort that you gave. You're a friend that can be counted on, even with all the countless interactions you engage in with countless others on the Internet.

I certainly agree the shooting was an atrocity (and so was the cannibal dude eating that homeless man's face). They should stop making it too easy to get a gun here in America but not disallow it altogether, of course.

Psychological evaluations, along with the regular background checks would help. Let me reiterate: Everyone should have the right to bear arms. I don't know if you feel the same but you might let me know about that in the future. ;-)

I wish and hope for you, our families and I to all have more peaceful times ahead. You're right. we're in this together and being supportive, however we can, is the right road to travel. No need to apologize about commenting late. I know you're busy with a long list of other blogs you comment on. I know you told me a couple times how long it takes you to get through all of them and it was, let's just say, a jaw-dropping amount.

Take care, my good man. I send wishes of peace, hope and understanding your way, as well.

GEM said...

Hi Kelly

Without wanting to take away any of the tragedy and sadness of the events you mentioned, unfortunately, it is these incidents which make the "news" and its why we feel sometimes that there is only badness in the world. However, I know that there are more good people than bad on this earth and a lot of goodness is shared. It's a shame that the media don't put more of the good stuff in the "headlines" but I guess it wouldn't sell newspapers.

Take Care


Kelly said...

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, Gem.

I thank you for your consideration for the first part of your comment. These incidents do make the news but I disagree, respectfully, that I believe there is only badness in the world. I know there is good. But the "badness" is actually there and is getting worse, I have to admit. To ignore it, is avoiding reality. People are becoming, on the whole, even crazier and apathetic. Anyone can see it.

I was watching a short clip about pessimism and optimism. It was very philosophical, meaningful and struck a very truthful epiphany and chord within me. I hope you watch it. This is the link to that 6 minute clip:

I would also like to add something a few quotes I added on Facebook that has to do with this subject. This will be followed by a responding quote by a fan of my blog and a friend on Facebook. Please read the following:

From me- I thought the short clip, featuring James Geary, pointed out, quite clearly, how a lil' pessimism actually motivates optimism in a person. I try to insinuate or have implied that with some of my blog postings in the past- with some humor thrown in. Some folks (commenters) have either gotten the gist of what I was saying or simply cast it off as a mere pessimistic outlook on society. I've always been content, in the past, that you've have read what I've written in the past, in the correct context in which it was written. Not for my own ego's sake, but so that people get the message that being a realist, even when it can't help but to contain elements of what some might say is pessimism, is to be cautious and to use logic.

From the FB friend- I agree with you, Kelly. It gets a bit difficult these days, as so many people have bought into the "optimism" or "positivity" theory, which really doesn't do anyone any good just by only looking at positive things, or always assuming things will be good, etc. Without a healthy dose of intellectual, justifiable skepticism, leading ultimately to a a certain amount of pessimistic qualities, we're ignoring too much and leaving ourselves in a rather ignorant state.

I do agree that the media, overall, doesn't put enough of "the good stuff" in the headlines but they don't put enough of the reality or truth in there, either. Sometimes the truth is harsh and people don't want to hear that part of our reality. That's what doesn't sell stuff on TV or sell newspapers. Take care, my friend. I hope you are doing well.

GEM said...

Hi Kelly

I will watch the clip but first must clarify that I did not mean to insinuate nor did I think that you only thought there is badness in the world. I was just making a point that 'we' sometimes feel that there is only badness because it is all we see and hear in the media. I wasn't implying or directing my comment just to you. It was a meant in a general context. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Take Care

Kelly said...


It's all good. No problem. When I was responding to you in the comment, I myself, really, in all truthfulness, wasn't feeling like I was directing what I said towards you. Unfortunately, by the time you replied, I was getting so sick and tired of some people misunderstanding what I was saying that you got the brunt of the rant- which isn't fair.

Really, I should have addressed to the half that misunderstood or didn't get my point. It's frustrating when people don't get the point you try to make, no matter how simply you try to explain it. Hahaha.

Anyway... Now that my wife is back to work for the next four days, I'll be able to visit your blog and everyone else's. I'll certainly try to. :) She deserves my attention, when she's off, because I not only love her but she works 11 hours a day, on her feet, dealing with the public as a cage cashier at a casino.

Take care, GEN

Kelly said...

I mean Take care, GEM. That's what happens when I'm rushed and typing too quick. :)

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