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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sister Anne Has Had Enough

Tired of praying the same old prayers, not being allowed to speak her mind and not being able to diddle herself in private without one of the other nuns catching her in the act, Sister Anne has taken it upon herself to find God the old fashioned way, the way the ancient people of times past discovered Him (or Her or It).

In a recent interview with People magazine, Sister Anne has declared that "she has had enough of this society full of tedium, hypocrisy and idiots."

When asked what was her breaking point, the nun from Detroit put down her instrument of peace and wistfully replied, "Mother Superior recently chastised me for saying that all the major corporations in this country are ran by fucking morons with bloated salaries and a total lack of regard for those laboring for them. She also got on my case for finding a Playgirl magazine underneath my mattress. I told her, 'If Father Cypress can play Hide The Kielbasa with Danny the Alter Boy, I should be allowed to have my fair share of entertainment, too.'

"This world needs an enema," added Sister Anne, before raising her hand and giving everyone in the room the finger.


Needless To Say said...

You tell 'em, Sister.

Damian (666) said...

I'd root her in the ass for saying that! She makes me look like a saint!

Anonymous said...

AK says:

Where was Sister Anne when I was attending Catholic grade school? I could have used her for a "role model!" A woman after my own deranged heart.

Kelly said...

@Needless... That's what I say.

@Damo... Ha ha. You just want to root her ass cause she looks so hot, suckin' the peace pipe.

@AK... She would have been a good role model for you back then. Just think. You would have been a fine, upstanding human right now. Oh well.

Damian (666) said...

@Kelly she could suck my "peace pipe" hehehahahahaaaa yeah slutty nuns rawk!

Kelly said...

You're bad....

but I'm worse.

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