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Friday, November 14, 2008

Cool New Widget

The World Clock widget I've added below in my footer is an entertaining, informative gadget I snagged off of It's much more than just a clock that tells you the time in all the major cities of the world. The statistics that are continually displayed are mind boggling. It would behoove you to hit the Pause button on the upper right hand corner to really check out the numbers and information-- unless you can read a hundred words a second.

I know I can't.

The side panel on the left features a variety of buttons. Such as: World Time. Population (totals). Environment (global warming stats). Food (for stats on production, including how many and what kind of animals are being slaughtered on a daily, monthly, yearly basis). US Crimes (wow!). And more.

Being the voracious carnivore that I am, all the info presented in the Food stats made me want to go out in the forest, grab an animal and start devouring it's flesh, right away. Yahoo.

You'll just have to play around and have fun with the World Clock. Of course, all the statistics given are estimates, calculated and provided by various sources. Click the Help button for more on this. To see what sources the information has been collected from, click the Sources button.

Scroll on down and check it out. You may want one for yourself.


Damian (666) said...

Wow its like a clock but different, whats the price off fish in China? Hang on I'll check!

Kelly said...

In the words of Damo The Evil: "That's awesome!"

Matt said...

That's cool...does it load up pretty fast? My blog loads like molasses with all the crap I've placed on there recently.

Kelly said...

Matt: Yes, it does load fast, surprisingly. I know what ya mean, though, about other widgets. A lot of them do make your page load slow.

J. Alden Page said...

Wow! That's probably the coolest widget I've seen.

Look at that national debt, or the identity theft one :).

Kelly said...

Hey, Jared, how ya doin'? Yeah, the national debt and identidy theft figures are depressing.

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