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Saturday, October 11, 2008

USA Soon To Be Third World Nation

US President Bush got together with the financial leaders (IMF) of the world today. It has been said they met to make "bold moves" in combating the credit/investments/banking crisis that is crippling the US economy and beginning to takes it's toll on the rest of the world's global economy.

Bush more or less said his administration was doing everything it could to stop what could be the next Great Depression.

For more on this:

The old cliche "too little, too late" comes to mind. He has never shown much concern for the economy.

But to be fair, Dictator Bush has been busy the last eight years. Doing what, you ask? Well, here's the short list. (I might have gotten the order of things out of whack but not the facts.)

* Instead of sending the military to pursue Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the plan to destroy the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, he opts to make Saddam Hussein out to be the main villain and, in the end, Hussein is captured and later executed. Not that Saddam didn't deserve death, but hey, I thought Bin Laden was the asshole we were after.

* Bush sends people to Iraq to look for "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq". None are found.

* George W. Bush also defies the UN and decides to finish the war his dad, George H.W. Bush, started in Iraq when he president.

* After manipulating the outcome of votes for a second term, Bush is re-elected to the astonishment of the intelligent portion of the American public- Not to mention the rest of the world.

Note: Since March 2003, close to 4,200 US soldiers have died in Iraq. For more details and stats, go here:

Note: You may or may not be surprised to know how many soldiers have committed suicide as a result of repeated deployments to Iraq. You should look that up, too.

Continuing the list....

* Bush forces the Patriot Act down US citizens' throats, using fear tactics and propaganda as reasoning to spy on people in America.

* Bush says it is wrong for nations to torture wartime prisoners for information. Bush says it is okay for the US to torture wartime prisoners for information. What?

* Bush makes "war threats" to several other countries. Namely ones that are trying to make the same kind of weapons we have. We're allowed to do this. No one else, by his reasoning, is allowed.

On and on, the insanity continues.

I'm sure you could add more to this list but why bother. You get the picture. Hopefully.

And meanwhile, the US deepens it's trillion dollar debt, Wall Street starts crashing, people lose their homes and jobs and then the US becomes a 3rd World Nation.


Anonymous said...

So, If you weren't convinced before reading this. Get off your lazy asses and vote for Obama. If you don't, we may end up with another four years of pretty much the "SSDD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or possibly worse? The old fuck could die, then the country could be led by the "hockey Mom" And a new law to keep all women BAREFOOT, PREGNANT & in the Kitchen could be enforced! WINK WINK.

AK on her "democratic soapbox"

Kelly said...

Yeah, that's who I'm voting for. Obama. Although I'm slanted more to the Libertarian Party, it wouldn't do much good, probably, to vote for Bob Barr for Prez.

I think the Republican Party got Palin on the VP ticket only because she's a woman. Hopefully, most female Republicans are intelligent enough to realize this. They're looking to "compete" with the Democrats in the odd coupling or demographic category. If you know what I mean.

YogaforCynics said...

The Repubs got Palin on the ticket to appeal to 1) women (hasn't worked so well for them), 2) conservative evangelicals (has been pretty effective at getting them excited about voting for McCain but--doh!--they were already Republicans), and 3) people stupid enough to realize that the "Joe six-pack" thing is an insult.

As for Iraq casualties, the reason that the numbers are as low as they are is that the U.S. military has gotten incredibly efficient at quickly getting wounded soldiers stabilized and transported to state of the art medical facilities. Of course, this is a great thing in terms of saving lives, but it also means that we've got unprecedented (compared to the number of dead) numbers of amputees and other gravely wounded people coming back, and that's not even mentioning the psychological damage from being deployed over and over....

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Is it too late to nominate Kelly for President?

J. Alden Page said...

^^^ Agree with the above.

I voted for Obama too. But, it was painful. I don't think Obama is ideal. I was also very tempted to vote for Bob Barr.

I'm worried that Obama is going to throw too much money into too many things at once. He's going to have to make cuts, and in my opinion he hasn't been clear about how he is going to do that.

But, it will help our international image not to elect another rich, white, gunslinging male. I also am very pro universal healthcare.

Palin scares me. Roe vs. Wade!? Are you serious!? How can you be involved in politics and not know what that case is about? Okay, MAYBE the average person doesn't know about that case. But the average "I took debate in higshcool" person would have kicked that questions butt. She knows nothing and ended up where she is on accident, it would be very scary to have her in charge.

It'll be an interesting next 4 years!

It concerns me that Obama wants to go into Pakistan. Hopefully unlike Bush, he isn't willing to make any moves without support from the U.N. The U.S. needs other countries to like it.

I don't know. I think mccain is a sure bet not to improve things, and obama may or may not.

Anyway, kind of rant :).

Kelly said...

Wow. Lot's of great, intelligent comments from all of you. Thanks.

yogaforcynics: I totally agree with what you said about Palin. Also: You gave me info I really didn't know about, in regards to low soldier casualties and the state of the art medical facilities.

wigwam2theorem: I thank you for wanting to nominate me. I can see why you'd want to. After all, I am magnificent, wise and.... humble. Heh heh. Hell, I would never kiss enough lobbyists asses to get far enough for a solid chance to be assassinated before being nominated.

j. alden page: You and I share the same concerns about Obama. I believe most people will vote for him simply because he is the obvious lesser of the two evils. Actually, I don't think he is evil at all. I think his heart is in the right place, but I believe the mistakes he will make in the future would be nothing like the catastrophe McCain would likely bring about with more wars, no universal healthcare and more hate from a world that already sees the US a bullying nation that attacks other countries when it doesn't get it's way.

Hey, feel free to rant here anytime. :) And I thank you for your support. :)

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