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Monday, October 20, 2008

No Good Ball Playin', Bad Throwin' Youngsters

Edna Jester, an 89 year old woman, who needs her peace and quiet and no balls thrown in her yard was arrested at her home in Blue Ash, Ohio. She was charged with petty theft after one of the children's fathers complained that she took the kids' football and refused to give it back. Police Capt. James Schaffer says there has been an ongoing dispute in the neighborhood over kids' balls landing in the woman's yard.

The poor old woman is due in court next month. Read full story here about Jester. (Good name, considering her ball stealing prank) Heh heh.

I, for one, think it was okay for the elderly Jester to take their damn ball. I mean, sure, if it just happened that one time (or twice even) I would toss it back over. But not the third time. It's mine then. Kids should be more respectful. And if your dog comes over and takes a poop in my yard, I will shoot it in the ass with my pellet gun. Unfortunately, I don't have a pellet gun. Or a yard, as a matter of fact.

Damn it.


Damian (666) said...

Hehe "balls" ok I'd poop on the ball then throw it back, they would soon learn that if they didn't want a stinky ball they wouldn't throw it in my yard!

I think "jester" should be hung for her evil crimes!!

Kelly said...

Heh heh. Yeah, pooping on the ball would teach a lesson to little ones. Good one.

Hang an old woman for ball stealin'? Gosh!

J. Alden Page said...

I agree.

If it was happening over and over again, I think she should be able to take the ball. It's her property. Silly courts.

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Anonymous said...

AK Said:

Isn't it amazing that this woman is being treated so harshly over taking a football away. When two woman in the area cooked their babies to death in their autos! That was okay! They "forgot" the little yard apes were in the car!
Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Kelly said...

I do, certainly. Those women who allowed their babies to cook should have been the ones who were arrested. And then thrown into a hot car to cook to death. It would have been a fitting punishment.

The Hussy Housewife said...

LOL!! Go granny I say. If little Tommy is to dumb to figure out when his ball goes to her doesn't come back..then he deserves to loose his balls. Literally..DO NOT REPRODUCE!! By the 3rd time of my neighbor boy knockingo on my door I want to take his dam balls!!!!!!!!!

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