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Monday, October 20, 2008

No Good, Loitering, Dribbling Bastards

My dad and I went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore, Sunday. They have a lot of interesting, high quality books. It's a great place to go to kill a "little" time and drink coffee, too. Yeah, they have a coffee shop built inside there, too. They sell sandwiches, cookies, cake, fruit juice and other food items. Barnes and Noble also has many, many chairs and sofas strewn about the place. Plus, the bookstore features spacious bathrooms with plenty of room to take a squirt or a plop. That's a real plus for me.

Have you guessed why all these little extras are not such a great idea for a business intending to sell over-priced high quality books?

Of the people going in there, I'd say say maybe 20% are real customers that walk out of there with a paid book in hand. The rest are loiterers that make Barnes and noble their home for the day. Many times you will go in there and the same old people will be lounging in the sofas or chairs, arms and legs draped over this way and that way. You can tell they've been in there for at least three or four hours. (Or is that 3 or 4 days?) Often, you'll see 'em with their dribblin' paper cups of coffee, dribblin' on the books or carpet or themselves. For them, the bookstore is their second home (or flophouse). They've got food, shelter, drinks, entertainment and a place to shit and piss. In their twisted minds--why go home?

I always wonder how many of Barnes and Noble books get ruined with food, drink and the drool that sometimes drips from one's chin when falling asleep in an overly comfy chair at a bookstore. It's a shame really, because I always thought one should treat a book with respect- especially when it's not yours. You'll never see a bent or spotty page in any of the books that I keep in my bookcases.

People just don't have any respect anymore. I guess that's why I'd like to kill the no good, loitering, dribblin' bastards.


wigwam2theorem said...

I've noticed that myself, as I spend a lot of time in bookstores (though I don't drink with unpurchased items nearby). Great post!

Damian (666) said...

You hang at a bookstore? Your a rebel!! I say burn all the books in the world and replace them with one book, just for the hell of it!

Kelly said...

Thanks Wigwam.

Damo: And what book would that be? The satanic bible?

Damian (666) said...

The Satanic bible is overrated, maybe Harry Potter?

Kelly said...

Yeah. Harry Potter.

J. Alden Page said...

Lol. I go into barnes and noble so I can read magazines without paying for them. I've been doing this for three years, and I think I've only actually bought something from barnes and noble twice.

Kelly said...

Ah Ha! So... you're the one! lol.

I think I've bought maybe 3 or 4 books from them the last couple of years. They're too pricey. Nice books, though.

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