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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What A Knee Slapper

What a knee slapper it would be if you were to spray small, green paint splotches on a sandwich bag, place the bagged sandwich in the lunch container of that special someone (friend, spouse or a random dumb ass on the street) and watch them, during a break, open said lunch container to find a moldy looking sandwich. The victim, depressed that he/she has nothing to eat but a tiny bag of pretzels, feels hunger pangs in his/her belly.

That's when someone heroic like me or you comes along. Placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of your hungry victim, you nod your head, knowingly. You or I, then ask, "Havin' a bad day, friend?'

The victim says, "I sure am. I just found mold on my sandwich. I'm so hungry."

Then, without much ado, you or I say, "Allow me to help you."

Suddenly, you/I pull an electric wand out from behind your/my back and quickly plunge it deeply into your victim's eye socket, thus electrocuting him/her. The victim does a merry jig, screaming fanciful terms of endearment for his Lord O' Mighty. Yayhooo! Oh yes, indeed, Sparks Fly! Flesh Burns!

The merriment continues until your victim turns extra crispy. Then dinner is served.


Anonymous said...

I don't like 'em crispy - I like my victims somewhere between raw and rare.

Kelly said...

So you like more than just a little pink in the middle.


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