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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OK, So I Guess That Last Post About Me Being Back Was A Joke

No excuses this time around. Call it burnout. Call it what ya will. I've been a baaaaaaad boy. Hey, I won't even say I'm back this time.

To say a lot has been going on is a huge understatement.


As my sister put it, God cut a "huge fart" this weekend. For those of you who don't know, Hurricane Ike destroyed a lot of homes and killed over 50 people. There are still folks needing help down in southern USA. Downed power lines, flooded homes, no electricity are just a few of the major problems still going on.

Anyway, what was left of that storm made it's way up to the Ohio Valley. My neck of the woods. Sunday, I found myself holding onto my satellite dish for dear life. While 60 mph gusts wind blew, I was trying to bolt down my dish to my balcony bannister because it was threatening to take off to the moon, or at least, my large balcony glass window. Which would have hurt.

God's Fart (the remains of Hurricane Ike), made quite a mess up here in the states of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Downed trees, siding and roofs partially ripped off houses, no power and so on. But, of course, it could be much worse. You could have lost your home, provided you live(d) in the state of Texas or one of it's neighboring states.

It's best to keep things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

Yes! It could have been MUCH WORSE! Like if you had gone to the Bengals game @ PBS. In the 70mph winds watching probably one of the crappiest games ever played by the Bengals. I'm not a "fair-weather fan", but this was extreme!

From: The wind burned Bengal fan!


Damian (666) said...

It was more of a "shart" then a fart, I'm glad I'm 1 trillion miles away, yeah I live on the moon.

Kelly said...


If that you mean a partial shitting of the ass, then I'd say you may be right.

Auntey Kay:

It's a damn shame the Bengals can't win a damn game. Maybe they need some more goddamn players that give a SHART.

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