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Friday, September 14, 2012

An Interview With Myself (Part One)

During the last post, regarding newly given awards and "amazing predictions", I said was going to skip over the rule about naming the seven most important events in my life or some shit like that.  Since I, ahead of time, knew I would be doing this bit, I figured why bother.  It would be repetitious and with this present post, possibly a two parter, if I get too chatty or start rambling on about this or that, then posting up those seven amazing moments would make it seem I've got the ego the size of Donald Trump's or Mitt Romney's own ego.  And who wants to see that?  Gosh, certainly not magnificent lil' ol' me.

As the title suggests, I will be interviewing myself, revealing things I may have mentioned before here, some things I've never revealed, but also adding some clarification to misconceptions.  I'll also be adding some traces of sardonic or dry humor that some individuals may or may not perceive, successfully, depending on how sharp of mind that being is.  Not that I'm putting anyone down for having the intelligence quotient well below a snail's turd- but there have been times when I've read the comments on my blog or ones I've read on other's blogs and I've found it somewhat disconcerting to realize there's more than a few, uh, how should I put this in polite terms... mmm... dumbasses out there?

But, being the helluva guy I am, I'm throwing caution to the wind and going on with the show.  I want to inform you, my friends, entertain you and gently coddle you like tiny baby birds in a wasp's nest, keeping you feeling all warm and secure, inside and out.  No shocking diatribes, sarcasm and crude humor found in this humble abode of mine, I can assure you.  I certainly wouldn't do that to get an individual's attention to make one simple, friggin' point.

Ahh... there I go again with the friendly, idle chit chat.  On with the interview:

Inquisitor Kelly:  What's with the clowns?  Everyone believes you have this vested interest with clowns because of the heading on your page.  It's loaded with repeated images of clowns.  Are you afraid of clowns?  Do they arouse you, in some undetermined way?  A lot of folks, on and off this blog, have brought this "highly interesting' subject up time and time again and have this deep desire to know what's up with that.
Honest Kelly: I really don't care one way or another about clowns, actually.  When I conferred with the co-designer of the web page's layout, a couple years ago, she suggested that I keep the image of the clown from my old layout to use with this layout.    Her daughter even drew me up a jazzy, nifty looking clown and I have kept it on the blog ever since.  Why clowns?  I agreed for the sake of keeping with the theme of the blog.  Not because I like clowns or want to, hopefully, fuck one so hard in the ass one day that it's bright red colon explodes- but because of practical reasons. And to be truthful, I think every human being is a clown, just at different levels.  Some are more obvious than others.   Because of the clown question, it was, at one point, tiresome to read the same question over and over about it.  I didn't give a shit enough to give a reason for it.  Even now, I just don't care.  In fact, knowing that this insignificant image on my page supposedly frightens people, as I've heard it does with some freaks.. I mean... people... amuses me a tiny bit.

That goes for the black background on my site.  Some people say it's too hard to read my words on a post I'll put up.  To them I say, I like the black background.  Black matches the sometimes dark themes I bring up during my rants and stories on my charming blog.  I won't change it for anyone or for any reason.  Not for more followers.  Not for more hits on my pages.  In truth, the opinions of most people mean less than nothing to me.  This is because I'm too old, too wise and have had enough experience to imbue myself with the knowledge that people basically want things their way because they are selfish and narrow-minded.  Not to mention uptight and stupid.  Thanks for asking. 

Inquisitor Kelly: What was your childhood like?  Were you a normal kid?  Or were you a rowdy, screaming monkey child or what?

Honest Kelly: I grew up poor.  I lived in an old, four room, white-paneled house on farm land.  The cistern we drank out of, we found out later on, had quite a few dead and half-dead albino frogs in the water.  We didn't have a shower.  We poured buckets of water over our heads and washed with that water (which I think was from a creek up the hill) in a hand made metal stall my dad had built.

I had a swing and a tire on an apple tree I played on.  I also had a black and white cat named Pepsi, a German Shepherd named Happy and I often talked to an old large apple tree, out of loneliness, boredom and because I had a fertile imagination.  Finally, 6 years later, my sister was born.  I played with her toys, rode bikes with her and played with my own collection of Hot Wheels cars.  Each one of my Hot Wheels cars had his or her own personal name and military rank.  The President was in love with the Secretary.  Sometimes, I made them kiss.  The apple tree, outside, often told me to kill the useless weeds in the yard (they were the enemy).  So that I did, with pure, delightful abandon and with a large stick I'd whip around, cutting them down like a warrior.

Down the road, we had neighbor kids that enjoyed peeing into each other's mouths, for sport and dry humping the wiener dog.  They locked me in their spider-filled, completely dark old basement once, for hours.  They would make Kool-Aid, on hot summer days and their mom would serve it to us kids in unwashed, food-encrusted glasses.  I'm surprised, to this day, I'm still alive.  I'm not kidding about any of those details and I've talked about them a couple times on this blog.  When I was six, I had no idea what they were doing to their dog.  Later, I put it together and figured it out.  All I knew was that it's little doggy eyes rolled to the back of it's head while it lay on the slab of concrete while one of the brothers cheered on the human kid fucking it.

I found out later that Happy, my dog, was a bad doggy to a vet.  Dad said he had ran off one day.  No explanation was given.  I was shocked and saddened when I was told that as a kid.  When I was 16, Dad told me that he had to "put Happy down" because Happy suddenly bit a big meaty chunk out of a vet's arm during one of Happy's regular vet appointments.  The vet told Dad Happy had to be put down or he would make sure Happy was euthanized.  The way Dad described it, it took several shots to his big furry canine head before Happy finally died.  Hearing this story did not make me happy.  But I understood the reasoning a little later.  Happy could have killed me, at some point and that's what they were afraid of.  During our play time together, though, he was a really friendly and honestly happy dog. 

On a happier note: I really enjoyed the walks mom and I would take down the old gravel road that was named after us because Dad had done so much work on it, himself.

Every week, it seemed, we would pay a visit or visits to my grandma and grandpa's farm down the old country lane.  I was mostly a very shy, quiet kid.  I played with my Aunt Kay.  I remember one particular time when we set white milk stools together, down on their sides on the floor, in a line and sat in the open spaces.  We pretended that we were riding in a train and made "choo- choo' noises.  Those were fun times.  My Aunt Kay, who was more of a sister to me, now and then, says that she used to bully me.  I don't know about that.  Maybe it's repressed memories.

She would play tricks on me, of course.  She was a little jealous of sweet lil ol' me because I was the "new baby",so to speak, of the family.  It had been her for awhile.  One time, she blindfolded me and told me to take a big bite out of this juicy apple she had in her hand.  So I did as she directed, as trusting and innocent as a kid I was.  But no, it was a tomato, not an apple.  I shouted, "Yuck!"  I quickly took off the blindfold.  When I saw the mushy pulp and seeds of the tomato I wanted to puke, preparing my taste buds, beforehand, for a sweet, juicy apple.  To this day, I won't eat a tomato.  They repulse me.  I'd rather lick a cow's taint than eat a fucking tomato.

Pretty visual, eh? 

Because I was shy, I often got bullied on the buses, as I grew up.  I didn't know you could be thought of as being "stuck up", too, for being quiet but I heard it whispered that, that was another reason I was bullied so horribly.  Four to five bigger kids would gang up on me and smash their hard back school books on the back of my head on the school buses.  A few would punch my face.  The school bus driver would watch the action, in his rear view mirror and do nothing.  He was famous for this.  Anytime there was a fight or bullying, he did nothing and reported nothing.  I was too ashamed to tell my parents about it so they more or less didn't know about it.

I made a few friends in grades 1-8 in parochial school.  They were a couple of "misfits", as well, because they would not be picked out for team sports and were quiet and whatever else kids (and for that matter, adults) would use- as an excuse to pick on them and I.

Speaking of bullies, that's a subject that really pisses me off on many levels.  With all this texting and facebooking gossip shit going on between kids, telling lies and being cruel, kids these days are really having a hellish time with bullying these days.  They sometimes end up killing themselves, in fact, from what you read in the paper and on the Internet.  It makes me sick.  I hear and see crap about gangs of girls kicking the shit out of other girls and I wonder what the hell kind of values are their parents teaching them. Even my niece is getting bullied by school girls, calling her names and filling up her locker full of tampons, of all things.  My sister didn't put up with it, of course.  She went to the principal and told him to get something done about it or else.  Because of her being pro-active, it has stopped.

These days, there are more and more school departments or people you can go to if you're on the receiving end of bullying, but more, clearly needs to be done about it.  Kids shouldn't be killing themselves and feeling like they're not worthy of the respect they should be given during the time they're in school or out of it.   

I read a lot of books when I was young.  I also wrote a lot of stories, mostly about my parakeets, cats and my dog.  A lot of vivid imagination and descriptive wording (not so much that it was shocking and it was never vulgar) went into them and I was told I was a very creative writer by my English teacher.  I liked the compliment as they were few and far between.  Unfortunately, I had a teacher who thought I had too vivid an imagination.  I never wrote anything perverted, if that's what you're wondering.  I was just a kid.  The teacher's name was Mrs. Patterson.  She was one of two or three teachers who wasn't a nun at the school by the old church- but she did fancy herself as an amateur psychologist.  She really thought she knew a lot about psychology.  The bitch even tried to suggest to my parents that there was something wrong with me.  My parents were young and didn't know any better (I was their first kid) so they tried to convince me there was something wrong with me, too and that I should seek counseling.  I think I was like ten years old at the time.  It was around this time, I found out I was half-deaf, due to all the ear infections I had as a kid.

I had a fit, cried quite a bit and it really caused me to question adults and their fucked up motives.  Before that, I was questioning the motives of adults because of all the violent news of the Vietnam war that would be shown on TV.  Even at the ripe old age of ten, I knew it was wrong and I thought, quite often, what kind of mess of beings have I been thrown into, without permission.  These fuckers are nuts.  Well, I didn't think in exactly those words I just used, but it close enough.  I did think adults and kids were really messed up- not just because they bullied me but because they seemed to be preoccupied by violence- on TV and everywhere else.

This is me, when I was a kid ( had blonde hair until I was six), plus another pic of mom and I, when I was older and we were fishing at the time: 

Later, I went to high school, joined Drama Class, wrote articles for the school newspaper, continued to write serious and humorous stories, acted in plays, had a poem published, went to a lot of parties, got drunk and fried and really started opening up to people and getting pretty wild, in general.  My personality changed quite a bit in high school.  I was the one who started trends without even meaning to do that.  In reality, just as I do today, I just do whatever I feel like doing- within reason.  I'm not a serial killer.  And I don't sodomize animals on Tuesdays.

I've never tried to be rebellious or a non-conformist type of person.  One friend suggested that I was trying to be that way on purpose once.  That made me laugh and I replied, "If you know anything about me, you know I'm honest about what I say and about my own actions- to a fault."  And he said, "Yeah... you're right," after thinking it over for a little while and recalling the years of our twenty year friendship.  I just feel like doing whatever fits for me.  The need, as it did when I was kid, to fit in, doesn't work for me.  I'm my own person.  To each person, I believe, they should go his or her own way.  To the rest of those who blindly follow without questioning, fuck 'em. 

Inquisitor Kelly:  Would you say adults who were bullies or even adults who weren't bullies when they were children, but are now, don't understand what effect they have on people?  And perhaps, in fact, don't give a shit about what effect they have on people? 


Honest Kelly:  I think there are many people or groups of people who fall under the category of "Bullydom."  It's funny you should ask me this, Kelly.  But maybe it isn't so odd, since you are, in fact, me.  I wanted to do a blog post on bullies for a long time now.  And now... look!  I finally made it here.  Looks like the subject is being intertwined within this interview, after all.  Ha ha ha.  I'm laughing to myself, literally, I suppose.

There are, indeed, adults who are bullies.  Sometimes they are parents who really shouldn't be breeding, having children and shouldn't be brainwashing them with their own distorted viewpoints, neither should there be bosses who abuse their hiring/firing, pay raising/lowering power, police officers that abuse their authority and corporate entities that squeeze money out of the middle class and the poor for their own profits and gains.

Corporations can be the worst of all evils and of all bullies because they try to control and bully us in our short, precious lives here on Earth by pushing us into corners we have no escape from.  Sometime, you might feel a temporary escape by taking an anti-depressant (which makes your misery profitable for big pharmaceutical companies) or by doing cocaine, drinking booze or worse (which makes it profitable for drug cartels and, in turn, for the DEA and law officers- if you do your research).

Let's face it!  If we didn't outlaw drugs, there would be a lot of space in those jails and prisons and then where would the states and the government make their money?  Hell, we might have to actually put it into schools to educate kids, pay teachers what they deserve, hire and keep firefighters, fix roads or some other practical purpose.  God forbid!

I see, in the future, tobacco products becoming completely illegal within the next twenty years.  This will be great news for organized crime and others.  Just like it was when they made weed illegal.  Read that entire story here.  It will either disgust you or shock you or both.  Or maybe you just don't care.  A lot of people don't care about their privacy and personal freedom, either.  Look around!  There are sheeple, everywhere!  People have always had the (un)natural "talent" of being able to ignore being shit on or becoming obedient slaves to a centuries old man made system. 

Btw, marijuana, being made illegal, was great news and carefully planned by folks like our government and rich, white assholes such as Harry J. Aslinger and William Randolph Hearst.  Both had vested interests, for their careers, to make weed out to be an addictive drug, capable of killing and driving one insane.  Nonsense!!!  

The silly 1930's flick, Reefer Madness, was nothing more than a propaganda film, intended to scare the public.  Instead, it's watched today as if it is an absurd comedy movie. Good ol' propaganda!  Kind of like drawing people into a war with a country, in the name of patriotism, that we have no business in being in- except to drum up business for rich white people in corporate hierarchies.  They have what we want!  Let's wage war on them!  We'll set up our democracy there, afterwards, to keep the profits rolling in.

Well gang, I'm getting pretty tired.  I have just enough energy to do a quick re-read of what I've written, take a quick piss and hit the bed sheets with my exquisite self.  I think I will continue the second part of this interview another time.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I have more to say, since I'm a rambler, but it will have to wait.


Pickleope said...

There was a lot to digest in this post. It was really good. You went deep. I totally agree with your views on the illegality of pot and on bullies. I nearly vomited after reading about the albino frogs in your drinking water. And I lament your distrust of tomatoes born out of sister trickery because fried green tomatoes are delicious.
The part that sticks in my mind the most is the bit about the neighbors. What the hell, dude? They used to hump their poor dog? Pants on or off? And they peed in each other's mouths? Whoa. That's heavy weirdness for kids. Something deeply disturbing was going on in that house.
That was a really interesting set of tales from your youth and a look at you and who you are as a person. Thank you for doing that.

billy pilgrim said...

thanks to weed i have a head full ideas that are driving me insane, soon i might be knocking on heaven's door. on the other hand it keeps me forever young and i shall be released. i can't get my jeans on this morning, fuck me i'm tangled up in blue again.

Dixie said...

Hi Kelly. I laughed, I cried, I puked, I grew up some more... then I read your post a second time. Okay you know you have amazing talent in writing?... yes, in writing, as I just typed it!

I never felt worthy enough to have an oak tree; mine was a dogwood and doggone honest as the day is long. I would fill balloons with water; drop them on my friends and family. It was just my way of imagining myself as a minister. Many a baptsim happened... and then times I had to climb higher up the tree to escape persecution. Great fun really! Only my parents' were Methodist... so I was no longer allowed to attend the baptist vacation bible school during the summer months.

Your childhood seems pretty interesting. The part about the dog was iffy... but after a coupla farts I grew more receptive of your disappointment of creature abuse. You just can't make this stuff up. Letting off steam, as I just did, removed any doubt I may have had about my own childhood. It sucked lots of times. ~And I learned how to make lemonade...yellow, ha ha ha.

My goodness, I read all the attached links you included. Holy moly, things I think I know... but really had no source to exchange with my friends and family to shut them tha hell up! Like Leonard Cohen's song, "Democracy is coming to the USA." And Washington grew hemp? I'd like to think that "Adam" had a few seeds in his pocket when he got tossed from Eden!!

There's so much I can relate to, having been one of ten being chosen last for school dodge ball games. I didn't want to play as I was always working on my first novel. I purposely got 'balled' so I could go back to the sidelines. "Why don't cha fucking move? You make it too easy to hit you, when you just stand there!" Throw the ball, dammit; I'm on chapter eight."

Well I suppose I've made this comment all about myself, after all. I'm so glad you don't give a shit. Makes it so easy to be myself. "Can you dig it? I knew that ya could."

Kelly said...

Yeah, Pickleope, there was a lot to digest in this post. And the funny thing is, is that I had to leave out out of details in some parts to get it finished. Hell, writing the post, alone, took me 6 hours, altogether, to write. I had a lot of weird, crazy shit happen during my childhood years. One of my friends committed suicide by hanging himself around the time I was 15. He had called a couple months, before, to say he was tired of life, in general. Nothing interested him, anymore. At the time, I couldn't see him. but I did try to cheer him up. I found out about his death by suicide on the news. They put his picture on TV and that's how I found out that my best friend in parochial, school (grades 1-8) had died. How about that? Great way of finding that out, eh? Even with that story, there are more details- but it would take forever to explain them.

Glad you agree with my viewpoints on pot and bullies. It's outrageous! So much bullshit, lies and people and property getting taken away for smoking a non-lethal weed. I could write a book about the bullying my sister, wife and I took on that school bus and in school.

Little known fact: My future wife rode the same school bus at the time when we were kids and bullied by the same people. I had no idea who she was, at the time. She didn't know me, either.

My Aunt was like a sister to me back then. I love her. She's only four years older than I am. She's says she picked me back then but I don't remember much of that. I just remember the fun times we had, playing games and make believe. Even though I've had a lot of negativity in my life, I try desperately to remember the good times.

Those neighbor boys down the road wouldn't play normal games that other kids enjoyed. I remember asking them if they wanted to ride bikes or play Tag but they always declined. Instead, they would run around in circles, pee in each other's mouths and other weird stuff. I later dubbed their game of rounds of hit-n-miss pee in the mouth as "The Lemonade Game." I declined when they offered to play that with me or fuck the dog in the ass or wherever they were poking it. I tried not to look to closely because I knew it was wrong. Anyway... Take care. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

This was pretty awesome Kelly! I had forgotten some of that shit. But, I Kelly's Aunt Kay, can confirm that every word of this is true.

Except the part about the neighbors, I did not hang out with them, so I can't confirm that part of the interview. But, they were weird little fuckers!

Kelly said...

Billy- Lucky you that you have that blessed herb and head full of insane ideas. But watch out for that killer weed. Gosh, you know how many deaths it has caused. I think that would be... zero. If I were you, I'd wear your jeans on your head and run down streets with no bottoms, screaming, "It's the weeeed mannn... It's makin' me crazzzzzy!"

Kelly said...

Gosh, Dixie, my quaint and charming post did all that for ya and to ya. Lol. I hope you had enough facial tissues and mop buckets to clean all of that mess up. :)

Thanks so much for the writing compliment. I really do need to focus on writing an actual book and try to get it published before I die. I wouldn't care if it sold one copy but it would be nice to get it distributed. I have some good ideas for a book that are nothing like the stuff I have on this blog. Not that the stories on this blog are that bad or anything.

I'm rambling again. Oops. I read your own tales about how you would fill water balloons and then drop them on unsuspecting friends and family. That sounds like fun times, Dixie.

My childhood was a mixed bag of negativity, fun and the freedom you have when you live in the country. btw, regarding your stance on hemp, I'd like to think "Adam" had a few seeds to sow in the ground when he got tossed, as well. Lol. I like what you said about Cohen's song. It's inspirational. All of it.

I think everyone can relate to at least one thing with anything I said. My subjects were varied. This blog has always been about variety and how LIFE IS LIKE A PSYCHO CARNIVAL- because of the people you encounter and how society is, in general. It's like a mob mentality where the individual gets drowned in their insane behaviors much of the time. Your getting picked last story was something I could relate to, of course. At first, when I was a kid, I'd take it personally, until I figured out this breed of beings were so fucking nuts, their opinions and actions were not something to be taken seriously- unless someone was getting injured or killed.

always know and be comforted by the thought you can always be yourself on this blog, when commenting. I value your own stories and comments when you visit. I'll be coming over to your blog, most likely, Sunday. My wife is taking a shower now. That means I'm able to sneak in and make a few "reply back" comments of my own at the moment. Ha ha. Take care and have a great weekend, Dixie.

Kelly said...

Hi Aunty Kay... I'm so glad you could visit and give a comment. I figured you would enjoy this edition of the blog and confirm most of what I had to say. Yeah, there are some things you didn't know because there were some things I didn't feel comfortable in telling at the time.

But, again, this post wasn't meant to be all about my childhood. I wanted to spread my ideas about different things in life that might effect us or not. Fear of clowns that some people have, I try to understand. I, for instance, fear the death of loved ones. Clowns, spiders, snakes, the dark and heights, even, or meaningless distractions pale into absolute nothingness when it comes to my own life-changing fear. I know it (the death of those you hold dear)happens but when it happens, suddenly, without warning and any closure, it really can fuck with ya, as you well know. At least, I know, we'll all be together again someday.

And yesiree, Kay, those neighbor boys down the old gravel road were weird little fuckers. You don't know the half of it. :) Take care and have a great weekend!

klahanie said...

Mr. Kelly,
As promised, I told you on your favourite social 'notworking' site, Farcebook, Fakebook, Fartbook, that I would leave a comment before the weekend ended. Okay, I kinda' mistimed it. It's now Monday morning, but what the hell, you might still be on Sunday when you read my vitally important to your life, disjointed yet mildly interesting comment.
Man, when you interview yourself, you really interview yourself. I have to keep scrolling up and down and up and down to try and let this all soak in. So, being a lazy fucker, I will pick up on a few points. I share your disgust for the dreaded tomato. Yes, strangely enough, I like tomato juice, tomato soup and good ol' tomato ketchup. Weird, I know.
You've been open, honest and transparent with yourself and thus, your ever growing legion of fans will also admire you for doing that.
I remember getting stoned and going to watch "Reefer Madness" at a movie 'joint' in Vancouver.
Oh, do I ever hear you on your take on bullies. I reckon most of them never left the playground.
Take care and thank you for interviewing yourself.
Your buddy, Gary...

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this again.. You are a very talented young Man.
You know we moved into the little white house after you moved. Yes the frogs were gross. So we went to the Cemetery and got water there.
The boys down that gravel road never grew up. They are still nasty people.
I wondered if you knew how much pot was grown on that farm down the gravel road.. Tobacco is a great cover...
Thanks for sharing..

unikorna said...

wow Kelly darling you are a very colorful narrator, you sure know hot to keep your audience;s attention. I was very outraged but that stupid teacher's remark about your imagination being "too vivid"...there's no such thing...A rich imagination is a super-special quality that many people wish for... I am also sorry for your dog saddened me, probably because I also have a German Shepherd...I am sure your parents did what was best to protect their lovely blond sweet little boy :).

Kelly said...

Thanks Cindy,

Thanks for the compliment at the beginning. I appreciate it.

Yeah, I knew you guys moved in, after we left. Sometimes, after we moved up on the hill at our new place, I would take my girlfriends and my wife-to-be back there an the old white house to show them where we used to live.

Yeah, those frogs were gross. Glad you found another source for water. Dead albino frog water tastes funny and does something to your brain, I think. That could explain some things about myself. :)

I heard many strange tales about those boys down the road. the lesser of the strange tales involved them using tobacco to cover for their pot crop. I kinda knew about that because so many people were in a rush to tell me about it years after I had left. Whatever. :)

Take care, Cindy

Kelly said...

Hi Gary,

Whether it's Sunday, Monday or Funday, it's always a pleasure to get a visit from you, dude.

Yeah, I had a lot to say in this post. believe it or not, I've got more. So there will be a two parter. At the rate that I've been blogging, it might come next April. :) The funny thing is, is that I like catsup, tomato juice and all of that, too, despite the awful things I've heard that people in the catsup or ketchup factories due to vats of catsup when no one is looking. Everything from spitting into the vats, to putting used cigarette butts into the catsup or shooting their loads of baby batter into them. I still like ketchup (or however it's spelled), however, just as you do.

I know what you mean about some bullies have never left the playground. sometimes they become, cops, corporate CEOs, supervisors, politicians and authority figures.

Like you, I remember doing a bit of smoking a long time ago while watching "Reefer Madness" at a party I was throwing at my apartment in town. No 'joints' anywhere else. I did go and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show" high as a flyin' kite back in the day when it first hit theaters. I believe I was in good company. Everyone in the theater was passing around doobage at the theater around BSU in Muncie, IN. Lol. Oh, the good ol' days. :) Great movie, too.

You're welcome about the interview and thank you for doing me the honor of stopping by and commenting, dude. Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

How are you, Petronela?

Thank you for the compliments.

Yeah, that teacher was so full of herself, she had a lot of idiotic things to say about me. She had never talked to me once or got to know me, either. She just took what I wrote and made something out of it, that made it ugly. I don't know what was wrong with her, exactly, but she was the one in need of therapy for doing that to a kid. I agree with all of your remarks regarding having a rich imagination, too.

Yeah, in retrospect back then, when I was told about the killing of my dog as a teenager, I knew my parents had done it to protect me. So... now... I'm good with it. It's just a shame how it ended up.

Hopefully, with my next part of my interview, I'll be able to get away from more of the childhood stuff and into more adult type questions and answers. I hope everyone read the whole thing and got what I was trying to get across. I like putting a little of this and that into what I write. I'm very much a "variety blogger", if I had to pigeonhole myself into a category.

Take good care, Petronela

Static said...

Sounds like you've had an interesting life. Bumps and all. I feel sorry for people who haven't experienced anything like what you've described because they will never know what life really can be like. They'll never know what it's like to struggle and earn their place in the world. Congrats, Kelly. You've won those battles.

Kelly said...

Hi Static,

I thank you for what you said about me and my battles in life. It takes some strength to go forward and it helps you build strength, during and after, when you can get through these challenges.

Take care, my friend.

Anonymous said...
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