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Monday, March 5, 2012

Peace of Mind and Lords of Acid- Out Comes the Evil

Wow. If you haven't heard their music before, you may want to try Lords of Acid, guys, out on your ears. Fucked up, yes. Sexed up, sure. But the beat is something easy to get into.  It's rave music and or techno music, if you feel the need to categorize it, but it's more than that.  I think if you get them, you like them.  Hell, if you're not persuaded by the steady rhythms, overall style and the catchy beat in the first place, I don't think you'll give them a shot.  If you wanna, read the rest of this post while listening to the song.  There is no real video to be watched.

Yeah, it's one of those kind.  Don't be put off.  No tears, please

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'll be seriously catching up on blog visiting and commenting the next few days. I've kinda been taking it easy and going to parks for tranquility and peace of mind- or maybe I've just taken a break to pick up the pieces of my mind.  Too much going on all at once again.  That was the anchor wearing me down.

And thanks to my cat, Victor, who can somehow type, has a certain command of the English language, while  carefully observing the Human Condition or "brain reformatting by certain systems and/or corporations, for filling in for me while I was away.  For that matter, hell, everyone else in the blogosphere is allowing or being forced by their animals out of their blog author chair and taking over.  Why not let the cat do it if he wants?  He can rant as well or write as well as the rest as the bloggers out there.

Did I mention the next post will be one where you can actually take walks with me, by movies I've recorded during these walks, that take you on  peaceful little journeys?  I will even be including a recipe I've created for Venison Stew.  You don't want to miss that!

Bambi is dandy in a hearty broth, I always say.

I farted twelve times in the park, this afternoon, while taking a walk.  Sometimes they came in three sputters.  True.  I felt it important enough to report for a status update on Facebook.  The people need to know.

Beats watching the clown car full of Republicans spill out and pull their crazy one liners on people these days.  What is it with these obvious numb nuts?  Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and so on.  Earlier you had really radical presidential hopefuls like gun-toting Perry and crazy-eyed Bachmann mouthing off inanities or you got these guys in the present.

Here's a few crazy Republican quotes, in case you haven't heard them, but I'm sure if have by now:

The problem isn't too little money in political campaigns, but not enough- Newt Gingerich

"I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending." –Rep. Michele Bachmann, suggesting at a presidential campaign event in Florida that the 2011 East Coast earthquake and hurricane was a message from God (Aug. 2011)

“Give the park police more ammo.” ~Newt Gingrich, responding to a  reporter who asked what to do about the homeless a few days after the police shot a homeless man in front of the White House.

"Corporations are people, my friend... of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People's pockets. Human beings, my friend." —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney

"I would be saying to the Iranians, you either open up those [nuclear weapons] facilities, you begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors, or we will degrade those facilities through air strikes.
If we reach a point where I believe the only thing that will stop them from this program being realized and having a nuclear weapon – I will make a clear declaration to the Iranian government that you either open your facilities, you begin to dismantle this nuclear program, or we will dismantle it for you." - Rick Santorum

Vote for Rick Santorum if you're still living in the eighteenth century
Getting back to this song.  I mean that's more important than ego-maniacal clowns that are funded by all the money they can handle form corporations for favor returning purposes...  Having a song you just discovered and have taken a liking to it and trying to convince people to at least give it a try is a hard sell.  Since I'm not much of a salesman, I'm not going to bother.  And quite frankly, I'm tired of convincing people of even the simplest of opinions or absolute truths. Ya either like this tune or not.  Doesn't persuade me either way.  I will shake your virtual hand if you do give it a listen, though.  At least then, you've shown yourself to be open minded.

Good Christ on a crispy cracker, at least it's a start.

When I first listened to the song and found out it was, on the surface, about drug addiction, if you think about it for a minute, you could switch some of these words with material possessions and obsessions about all types of things out there and you could have a song about any addiction.  Addiction to being judgmental about most things and people.  Addiction to certain food or drink.  Addiction to nervous or destructive habits.  Addiction, in any form for any reason, to me, isn't that great. A few harmless compulsions, now and then, I can understand. A full blown addiction to anything is bad news and is almost always negatively life altering and can lead to loss of life, friends, family and more- including your sanity.

Speaking of further PEACE OF MIND...Good news!  My wife and I are working on plans to go to Hawaii later this year.  We'll be visiting all the main islands on a cruise ship.  During one part of the trip, we'll be passing by an active volcano.  That will be exciting.  So will the sight of the whales racing along side the ship. I hope the volcanic lava hits me full force in the face.  BLAMMO!  No sexually gratuitous jokes here, please.  You know what a delicate, moral flower I am.

Now if that big meteor we're supposed to get, comes this December of this year and hits Earth, I wanna be right there.  Smack dab in the middle.  I'm not into lingering pain.  If I go hungry, because of closed roads or whatever, and can't find any animals or regular food to eat, I will cheerfully gnaw on your arm as you shake, shake, shake.  Instead of a Zombie Apocalypse for me, it will be a Low Blood Sugar Diabetic Apocalypse.  Sorry, in advance.  :(

Anyway, my thoughts on Doomsday 12/21/12 goes something like this:  I think a bunch of idiots (homo sapiens, ya know) are going to convince themselves- so well- that the end is on that exact date, no matter who has predicted whatever in the past for this particular day and will put things into motion (riots, bombs, all matter of mayhem) that might create needless hell for the rest of us trying to do something productive that day without interference.  

This music I just discovered, yet heard of but never listened to until now, from Lords of Acid, spews forth sweet, melodic beautiful acid that creates magical rainbows of love in the sky.  No lava, yet.

Lyrics to "Out Comes the Evil" by Lords of Acid

Half a pound of tuppany rice 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the melody goes 
Pop goes the weasel 

Half a pound of tuppany rice 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the melody goes 
Pop goes the weasel

Half a pound of heroin 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the story goes 
Out comes the evil

Feels so good, feels so bad [x2]

Half a pound of heroin 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the story goes 
Out comes the evil

Feels so good, feels so bad [x2]

Half a pound of heroin 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the story goes 
Out comes the evil

Feels so good, feels so bad [x4]

Half a pound of tuppany rice 
Half a pound of treacle 
That's the way the melody goes 
Pop goes the weasel

Believe it not, I'm calming down. All the problems I talked about in previous posts haven't gone completely away, of course but I'm not asking or expecting that. Just a little relief now and then. I promise that if I hula dance during the trip, I will put the picture of me doing that on the blog. I know. I can feel both your excitement and revulsion.


Pickleope said...

Oh man that volcano is going to blow in your face just like a pe...oh, wait, you said no gratuitous sex jokes. Dammit.
Haven't thought about Lords of Acid in a decade. This brought me back.
Also haven't seen all those quotes. That's frightening.
Low Blood Sugar Diabetic Apocalypse sounds terrifying. Hopefully you survive it to enjoy Hawaii.

The Angry Lurker said...

It's not a bad song, great simple lyrics, anybody who wants to be a politician should be taken out back and shot, give it to people who don't want it but are qualified to do it, glad to hear things are a little better....

billy pilgrim said...

if i was only allowed to kick one person in the nuts before i died, it would be santorum.

Annabelle said...

When I was 19ish, this CD never came out of the player.

I'd drive my younger brother and his friends around, blasting it, warping their minds and expanding their horizons.

bless your heart for this particula acid flashback.

PS I LOVE YOU and your word verification is making me crazy. kisses.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Oh... yes... I see where you were going to go, of course, with that gratuitous sex joke. You were going to finish it by saying, 'blow in your face just like a pepsi can that's been really shaken up. So there. Haw naughty of you. I'm blushing.

It's funny because I'm just now listening to their music. Sometimes I'm ahead. Sometimes I'm behind the musical times. Ya never know. and yeah, those quotes were frightening... frightening that somebody out there probably takes them seriously and includes them into their own personal manifesto of malarkey.

Yes, dear Pickleope, I hope to survive that long, as well, to enjoy the sights of the beaches of Hawaii and being suddenly engulfed by molten lava by an active volcano. My fingers are crossed. :)

Kelly said...

The angry Lurker- glad ya like the tune. It's one of those straightforward songs you're either going to like from the beginning or not. I noticed the lyrics to most of their songs have to do with crazy sex, violence, addiction, bizarre mood swings and that's about it. It's pretty good stuff. I can see myself going on "a kick" listening to their music for awhile. Yeah, I don't why anyone would want to compromise their integrity and ethics to be a corporate paid slave/politician/figurehead. They don't want to give their high office jobs to people who are good and will be honest, basically. They want team players that will play the part that they're being paid for. Thanks for the last part, man. I think things are getting better. Take care.

Anonymous said...

The rather fabulous Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Way back when Sir Tom was merely Master Thomas Algernon St.John Aloyuisius Clunchbucket-Eagerly music was somewhat, how shall I say?.....different.
Kelly old thing, how could you whisk your young lady around the ballroom to that tuneless racket?
You young people; one just doesn't know where it will end.
Ha ha! I'm just pulling your plonker old boy. Good luck to you say I. Jolly well done.
What? I'll drink to that!

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- I'd like to kick each one of them in the nuts. One field goal kicker in front of each damn one. simultaneously, the kickers swing their legs upward, striking the rancid jewels of the old superficial asshats and cause them to scream loud enough to break the glass.

What a joyous chorus!

Kelly said...

Annabelle- That's cool that they were one of your faves when you were younger. Still like them? I more or less started listening to them. I'll probably buy one of the CDs off the net pretty soon. I got hooked on Them Crooked Vultures, before this group, and I was like addicted to them for the next six months.

That's funny that you would warp your brothers and their friends with your music. I would do the same with my sister and her friends. Back then, it was Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.

You're welcome for the acid flashback. Just listening to these guys makes you feel like you're have a good one.

Sorry about the word verification thing. I tried to change that last night and it wouldn't let me. Damn Blogger! Hugs and kisses, Annabelle. Don't do anything too crrrraaazzzzyyy.

Kelly said...

Fabulous Sir Thomas- That's a long name for you way- way- way- way- way back then. Were you knighted by the original queen of England? They should have shortened your name to Tommy. They could say, like, "YO, Tommy Boy! Come hither and stuff. Fetch my fine wine and porn material."

Now, I don't think I could make my significant other swoon with this music unless she was drunk or something. Hey, there's an idea!

You stay away from my plonker. You are certainly not allowed to pull upon it. Just because you've been knighted, you can't just do anything you want. Nevertheless, Cheers Tommy!

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
In between listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive, I listened to that song by Lords of Acid and I usually like that kind of music. However, I didn't think much of the Lords of Acid. Having said that, the lyrics are spot on.
When you go on to the subject of American politics, I get a bit lost. Yet, sadly, crap politicians with their bullshit promises and outlandish, insensitive statements, happens everywhere.
Oh yeah, I fucking hate the word verification and you might note that, the subscribe to follow up comments, is missing on this type of comment application. This means the only way to know if you have responded is to come back directly to your site. Well, what the hell eh, that will rack up the hit count.
Take care man and great post! And thanks for sharing! :)

bazza said...

What I like about UK elections is that the whole thing takes about six weeks from start to finish. There is a term of five years but within that time the Prime Minister can call an election whenever he wants! If he wins (or loses) another five year term begins.
The US process seems to take forever and we get all the headlines in our news bulletins too. I'm already fed up with it!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kim said...

What would we do without the entertainment the GOP has been providing? ;) I did indeed listen - to the beginning...once the song got into the heavy music, sorry these old ears couldn't handle more. So right about addictions in various forms, though. You lucky duck, Hawaii cruise??! (enjoy it to the fullest!)

Kelly said...

klahanie/Gary I switched to embedded on the comment thing on your settings in blogger and I've seen a difference so far. I haven't gone to another blog but I'm planning to. I noticed, so far- the word verification is gone- so is the pop up window that I had ticked off in the comments settings. I now see a "subscribe by email" thing at the bottom- so there's start. Kim gave me the idea of switching to "embedding" in the comment settings. Thanks, Kim.

Yeah, I know. The politician bullshit overload is everywhere. It's just more prominent this time in america- to the point where the GOP are flagrantly showing their stupidity and the wealth among them reap the benefits. When you say, 'Yet, sadly, crap politicians with their bullshit promises and outlandish, insensitive statements, happens everywhere.'.... I know what you mean. glad ya like the lyrics, dude. Everyone's taste in songs is different and it should be respected. I farted. Amen and take care, Brother Gary. Have the dandiest of weekends!

GEM said...

Hi Kelly, I listened to the song before I read the lyrics and couldn't decipher what was being sung except an extract from a childhood nursery rhyme. Yeah the beat is catchy but i won't be strutting my stuff to it at a nightclub anytime soon. I can see why it used to drive Annabelle's brother and friends crazy!;) As for politicians.....I prefer the song.

I would pay money to see a video of you doing the hula hula ;)) Take Care GEM

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, these fuckin' elections over here in america take forever. I think they were starting to talk about who was in the running long before they ever have in the past and they're compounding the excessive coverage by having it on the news, talk shows, ads and documentaries everywhere here. I'm not surprised, at all, that you're getting news of this U.S. election bullshit over there. Believe me, however, you guys are just catching the little drippings of the diarrhea like bullshit we put up with here. It's nauseating, to say the least. Especially when you know they're all being funded by corporate and special interest groups. There's no limit to the amount of money a corporation can pour into a candidate now.

If you think you're fed up with it there, come live over here for awhile and experience the true over-saturation of it all. Take care, Bazza!

Kelly said...

Kim- Oh, God, I think the entertainment of the GOP was making me laugh and cringe, art first. Now, I'm just kind of giggling a little but mostly sickened by it all. The wealthy serving the wealthy. Somebody suggested that the United States of America to change it's name to the United Corporations of America. You had the extreme Republican radicals versus the not very challenging Democrats who are willing to meet you halfway or willing to bend over and take it up the keester. Pardon my French. Or something. That's fine the you couldn't handle the song. At least you tried. Everyone has their own taste.

Yeah, people can get addicted to just about anything- behaviors, hobbies, foods, drugs and even the formidable perpetuation of their own damnable egos. Yes, indeed. And yes, I am lucky. I took three hundred pics of our Caribbean cruise. I wonder how many shots I'll get of the Hawaiian one. Take care, Kim.

Kelly said...

GEM- Oh darn it! I was hoping you would be strutting your stuff to it at a nightclub and send me the video from YouTube. I think people get their friggin' rocks off at making goofballs of themselves on video these days. Anything to get recognized and noticed. Now an idiot tries running their skateboard across a stairway rail and pop open their scrotums after a tumble and scream in agony- I do find that entertaining. Other than that- eh, not so much entertains me.

I promise if I do the hula hula or boogie woogie in Hawaii and get videotaped, in the process, it will get seen by you. Guaranteed entertainment right there, ya know. I might even punch myself in the groin and say, "Ta-Daaaa!", afterwards, just to make it funnier. Hope things are well with you in Russia. :)

dcrelief said...

Man, the music...brings to mind, "Iron Butterfly", Uriah Heap, early Hendrix's, and others. It was okay, Kelly.
Politics and the white house... what happened to the good old days of dueling? "That's ten paces Mr. Gingrich,, not nine, but ten, then turn and fire." Oh well.
A cruise?? I keep thinking about the captain that wanted to impress his friend, by coming close to shore... stuck the ship on the sandbar and it plunked over on it's side. Hmm, guess you'll feel safer now.
While you there visit the birth place of the sitting white house occupant.
Forget Iran. With Iran you get Russia, with Russia you get China, with China you get egg rolls...yep, with six you get egg rolls. Order up!
The cat's got class, not that you don't. I bet he licks himself as much as you do. Ha ha ha.
By the way, the clown head at the very top reminds me of my favorite Grandfather. He'd put on a 78 and we'd dance to "Little Brown Jug" or "Jadda, Jadda, Jing, Jing, Jing"...ahhh, music!
Take care, great stuff here. Great Scott, he has it!

Kelly said...

dcrelief- Glad you liked it. It does, when you listen to it, have shades of those bands within their songs. I take it you're into early/late 60's and possibly 70's music. I like the music of back then, too. I started out listening to bands like that. I'm 48- so there ya go. I wish we could do the ten paces routine with presidential candidates, too. Gingrich would probably turn and shoot at 5.

Gingrich is a cheat that way.

Yeah, after seeing that, my wife and I hesitated a bit but, oh well. :) We survived Hurricane Earl two years during our Caribbean cruise two years ago. There were times when we pooped our pants a little but we just took a different route during the cruise and all went well... great, in fact. Yeah, you get all of that with China, Russia and all the rest when you mess with Iran. If we go to war with Iran, I don't want to face what will happen.

Sure, I envy my cat's ability to lick himself on all the sweet spots, but, oh well, I've got this Human thumb that comes in handy for hitchhiking. Oh, the excitement!

I'm glad the clown head at the top gave you such fond memories. That's a funny, heartwarming little story you told. Cool. So hey, thanks for the ending compliment and you take care, aw well, Dixie.

Anonymous said...

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