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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Calm After The Storm

I don't know if you read or heard about the dozens of tornadoes that tore through the states of Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.  The string of massive tornado-producing thunderstorms ended up killing 37 people and caused so much devastation that people had lost hundreds of their homes and countless businesses and other structures.  What makes this a close subject to my heart is the fact that several of these tornadoes came dangerously close to me, my family and friends and killed a good many of the people in the general area, where I live.

You can click this link for a large part of what happened exactly, here, and other states.

It was so bad, the National Guard were called in to help out, clear debris and keep spectators away from the havoc-stricken towns.

Some of these real life horror stories I've known for some time now.  But there are a few that I didn't find out until today.  Like the grandmother who had closed herself off in her closet for fear of being wiped out by an oncoming tornado that day.  The tornado passed by her house, luckily but she was found in that closet four days later, dead from dehydration.  I'm not sure if she couldn't get out or that she stayed in the closet for fear of her life.  You would think, after a couple hours or a day, at the most, she would have left.  Maybe she was disabled, mentally or physically.

But it does make you think.  Death can come to you at any time and in ways you least suspect.  I don't fret about this aspect of life much or hardly at all but I think young people, who often believe themselves to be somewhat invulnerable, should give it some thought.

There's also the story of a toddler that miraculously stayed alive after it's entire family was killed by a tornado.  The house it lived in was obliterated, as well.  It was critically injured and taken to the hospital.  It lived for several days until it, too, died from injuries from one of the destructive tornadoes.

What is inspiring is that though the tornadoes killed over three dozen people and caused so much devastation, people everywhere volunteered to help.  A lot of businesses and churches, of course, collected donations from people empathizing with the plight and tragedy of those dishearteningly affected.  I feel sorry for people in life-shattering situations.  The Japan and Haiti tsunami /earthquake victims, for instance.

But people came to help out in those incidents, as well.  Sometimes it's easy to forget the good in people.  The media doesn't make it any easier.  But they do report the good that people do every so often.  They should promote those stories more often but we all know, according to them, that misery sells.

I went to one of my favorite parks the other day, after the onslaught of tornadoes the day before, with a friend.  We drove around and I got some nice shots and a few videos with my new digital camera.  I've included a video and various photos there of that day.  While there, I thought, So this is the calm after the storm.  You could feel the analogy and see the analogy, simultaneously.

a ray of light such as this is like a ray of hope or a scene that induces relief within
If this isn't a scene of peace and serenity, I don't know what is.  Check out my video of the park dam below.  You can really hear the wind blowing hard that day.  But when you see the sun trying to and succeeding in getting through those clouds and you listen to the water, it can soothe you.  Nature, I believe, and as I've pointed out before, is a true doctor and nurturer of your spirit, at times.

I took this shot because I thought it looked cool.

Some time ago, I took my digital camera and took several short videos of my daily walk through the park I usually go through every day.  The pictures above are scenes of a state park.  I would gladly walk through that particular park every day if I lived closer to it.  But my walks in my nearby park are usually quiet, enjoyable, filled with beautiful scenery and without any disturbances- unless some asshole brings a large, unleashed dog as you're trying to walk along back to the safety of your vehicle or park bathroom before it tears off a chunk of your thigh or worse.  Lol.

You'll hear a lot of wind in these videos and you'll also note that while I'm filming, I'm also walking (so you kind of feel like you're walking with me- that's the whole idea) and maybe you'll hear me breathing a little hard.  Ya gotta remember folks:  My footsies are deformed (inoperable heel spurs, enuinos foot deformity, and foot neuropathy).  That means I kind of walk "funny."  And yes, for those ready to give me unsolicited advice, I already do what I can to lessen the pain and other shit.  This has been with me for decades so I'm an old veteran of such shit.  I was bullied for that "funny walking" crap, among other things, when I was a kid.  As you may or may not know, that bullying crap leaves scars in your psyche- but it can also make you stronger, of course.  That's an issue I plan on writing about someday but not today.

Plus, I'll mention here that I have high blood pressure, along with diabetes, so it might explain the heavy breathing part you hear throughout the videos.  Please, no gratuitous sexual innuendo/joke needed here- unless it's funny enough.  :)  I figure somebody who can have as sick as sense of humor I can have will say something.  You're welcome to it.  :)

And yes, I'm doing what I can about those other previously mentioned maladies, too.  High BP and type 2 diabetes and so on AND SO FORTH.  No lectures.  I believe I'll take this meaningful moment to scratch my ass and go on.

But I get through it all.  I've learned to deal with it like I've had to deal with my Major Depressive disorder.

In any case, I get through my daily walks, stopping every so often from some pain and I get to look at peaceful, stress lessening scenes like the videos show below.  Enjoy the serenity.  Take a walk with me.

I come down to this part of the park, often.  I'll sit in the gazebo, sometimes and contemplate ideas, feelings and just enjoy the atmosphere.

You know, no matter what destructive or painful events happen in your life or the lives of others, there always seems to be that ray of light or that calm after the storm.  Take care, folks.  Just as importantly taking care of yourself and other folks in need, try to gain wisdom from other's experiences through reading and learning about them and gain strength from those experiences when you can.

Now look who's lecturing!  Hahaha.

Ooops.  I forgot to include the Venison Stew recipe I promised to give last time.  Oh well.  Next time.  Bambi is dandy in a stew.  Have I said that before?


Kim said...

Well, thank you very much for that refreshing, enlightening, and deeply profound walk through the park - I enjoyed it immensely! Horrible, what happened to so many from Nature's heart goes out to all who lost a loved one or their home. Sure wish these tragedies didn't happen, but you're right - they serve as vital lessons we can learn from.

The Angry Lurker said...

I took a quite walk in the park with you mate, nice one and well said about there are good people out there. You can never tell when your time is up though....

Pickleope said...

I hadn't heard about the lady in her closet. The juxtaposition you present of nature's destructive power and serenity is interesting. The walk, I couldn't go the whole way with you. Despite the short time, I get motion sick super easy. The pond, however, was nice. Hopefully are your maladies are getting taken care of, sir.

bazza said...

All Human Life is Here! (I'm talking about your blog). This post was depressing, sad and finally uplifting. I would like to walk in that park and feel the weak springtime sun on me.
I hope the weather improves from now on.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

billy pilgrim said...

that looked like an awfully nice path to ride a bike on. i can imagine it fully of chinese and me flying down doing a little bowling for chinamen.

LilPixi said...

Beautiful park! I was imagining what it looks like in the summer & late spring. =) got me excited for the nice weather! I miss nature. You're so right about its ability to heal.

I am, however, deeply saddened by the results of all the tornadoes out there. =( Folks in other areas need to stop & imagine if it had happened in their area or to their loved ones. Like you said, any time, any place, without warning. Instead everyone says "Well, thank god it wasn't me/us" & continue on, but meanwhile the victims lives are changed forever. Tragedy is terrible, and says a lot about the human race.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
A deeply profound posting. And the aftermath, the note that humanity can come together in a time of crisis. I'm going to leave a rather short response to this emotive and thoughtful posting. I know you find therapy by getting out there and finding some semblance of peace after the wrath of nature.
May you, as you stroll along, always know that your journey is shared and you will never be alone.
In kindness, Gary

Anonymous said...


Interesting Facts said...

Yah, I have read about the dozens of tornadoes that tore through the states of Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohioin the internet and newspaper. I felt very sad. But I didn't heard about the grandmother who had closed herself off in her closet for fear of being wiped out by an oncoming tornado that day.

Kelly said...

Kim- Thank you for that compliment. Yeah, it was a close one, for sure. I really do hope, as you said, that everyone in the area and beyond took away from the tragedy the valuable lessons that should be learned. for one, WE SHOULD ALL LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT'S YOU THAT WILL NEED HELP.

Take care, Kim

Kelly said...

The Angry Lurker- I'm glad you enjoyed the walk in the park, dude. You're right on- with that one. You never know when your time is up.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Yeah, I thought that was an interesting mix for a topic, too. Destruction, help, peace of mind and so on. I was feeling very contemplative when I wrote this. Yeah, I'm taking care of my maladies as well as I can. Pills, insulin, custom shoes and so on. It's odd because there are times when I'm taking care of people who are as bad off or worse off than I am, at times. Then there are the other times. No problem on not watching the video clip because of the motion sickness. I get the same way on roller coasters. I can't handle them any more and I used to love riding them. Damn it all to hell! :)

dcrelief said...

Interestingly I've had those same disasters on my mind; it's strange making a donation when I'd rather go and help. With my current situation, I'd be in the way instead. 'Nuff said.
I so enjoyed your films; Fibromyalgia creates an imbalance in my walking... so to me it appeared quite normal! Yep, I too found myself a bit breathless, and wasn't even moving, LOL.
Hot dang; ain't nothing like the sound of water, the beauty of nature, a really nice gazebo, and blogger pals who inspire!
Take care there, Dixie

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, you're right. this post had a little bit of every human experience thrown in. I guess I was trying to convey the ray or light in things that are dark and destructive. It's hard to do at times but we all struggle and enjoy or hate it and live through it our own way- every day. whether it be destruction from weather elements or elements in our own daily personal lives. How's the winter in your locale?

I hope you enjoyed your walk here. I have a couple more park vids I may put up on the blog later. The weather went from winter to summer here. It's been ranging 73-79 degree F. every day for two weeks now. Spring weather, with the exception of the (winter) tornadoes, didn't last long.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Yeah, billy, people often ride their bikes and, every so often, skateboards, down that paved path/road. Your 'bowling for chinamen' idea sure sounds dandy. What's next? Steamrollin' the crippled?' LOL.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Yeah, nature heals in so many ways. I think we should stop and think about that as a race. You know, look around and see what's important.

Glad you liked the looks of the park. It's beautiful, has a lot of new shelters and rides but yet still remains one of the most underused parks around here. It even has a huge tennis court and basketball court. LOL. I find this weird but it works for me, in a way. More peace for me, as I walk the paths :).

I agree. People should remember the victims. In this case, everyone pulled together in this tornado-laden destructive incident to help one another out. Wouldn't it be great if most of the world's population was like that? Maybe it will. Who knows? Take care, LilPixi. Much appreciate the comment. <3

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thanks, Gary, for the compliment. I tip my imaginary hat to you.

I know you can empathize and share in this type of self therapy with me. I've seen some of your pics (sometimes of nature) and you find some peace, I think, in that, too. Yeah, in this incident, like I said to bazza, earlier, I was trying to convey a balance or even a comparison of light and dark in our lives- and in nature. Nature, yes, is the great healer. And if everyone takes the time to think of what I've said, here and there, on this post, I think they'll get it. Hopefully. :) If they don't- somebody's going to get an electric drill through the noggin. Poot! Just kidding.

And with this rambling reply comment back to you, finally, I will end it by saying my routine but sincere TAKE CARE, GARY. And... May you and I always have the strength and support we need.

Kelly said...

Anonymous- Thank you for your substantial comment.

Kelly said...

Interesting Facts- Yeah, I didn't hear about the grandmother in the closet story until later. Thought it was sad.

Kelly said...

dcrelief- Yeah, The National Guard and the poilice officers around here haven't been too inviting for anyone to try to physically help. They have said they have enough "physical help" and sometimes people have snuck in to take pictures instead of help, too- so that's been a big problem. Money donations are welcomed though. You have a good heart- in your part in helping with the donation, Dixie.

I'm glad you enjoyed the walk in the parks. I'd like to put a couple more video clips up of my park adventures in the future. I'm sorry to hear of you having Fibromyalgia. I know a little about that because my friend's brother has it. I'm glad you liked the video clips and I'm glad "you could walk through them with me." Take care.

Kim said...

That's a crucial one!

Kelly said...

So true, Kim.

THE SNEE said...

Sorry it took me so bloody long to get here and comment!

I love this post Kelly! I really traveled with you! Your honesty, sense of humor and integrity are such a rarity in today's world. I loved walking near the river, the fountain, and on the path. I'm glad to have the reminder that there is always a way to restore when we are suffering.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Hey there, Rebecca, Don't fret about getting here later. It takes me forever to visit blogs, comment or to create a post these days, too. I'm just glad to hear from ya. You're in my top ten BLOGGER PAL LIST. :)

I thank you for "traveling" with me during my walks. I have made quite a few videos like that. Some you can see on my Facebook page right now, plus more nature/park pics I've taken, recently. Walking about in parks among the trees and flora is very cathartic, for sure. And like you, I'm appreciative of the little reminders that there are good people out there, helping each other out in times of great need. It's like positive rays of sunshine through the bleak clouds that sometimes hover over us in life. Those positive rays renews and restores your spirit, for certain.

Thanks for the compliments on my honesty, humor and integrity. Despite whatever is thrown my way, I try to maintain those aspects of my self. I hope things are doing great with you and your family. Take care. Btw, it's summer time here... despite what the calender says. Hahaha.

Static said...

You're right it's easy to forget the good in people. The media rarely reports that stuff, and they should. It might make people think and look at their lives differently.

Again, sorry to hear that your area was devastated by tornadoes. I've lived in that area before and it was always stressful thinking about the possibility of being obliterated by Mother Nature. She doesn't fuck around that's for sure. But at the same time she offers serenity. I find that this duality exists in other natural phenomenon. I could go on and on about it, but I'd probably bore you to tears with it. =P

Nice pics btw. I may have asked you before but what kind of camera do you have? I just have a Fuji point and shoot atm. It does the job. But I have my eye on a Canon EOS Rebel. Ahhh...wishful thinking. After I sell one of my kidneys I should be able to afford one. Maybe if I steal one of yours I could have enough for two?

Like SNEE, I get so busy I'm lucky if I can drop by my friends blogs more than 1 or 2X a month. So apologies. Also apologies for rubbing you the wrong way the other day on Fartbook. I don't know how we ended up there, I wasn't trying to disagree, debate, or annoy you in any way; I was just sharing. Anyway, I feel like you and I have too much in common to let little shit like that ruffle our feathers for long. And really it is just that. I don't sweat the small stuff.

I realize I don't always appear human because I wear these "masks" online and I joke around a lot...but then we all do on some level. We don't really know one another. But believe me, I am very much human in the vulnerable, benevolent, fallible, and hopefully forgivable sense of the word. I've been through a world of shit, so I can relate to where you're coming from.

Take care, buddy. I'll SNEE You on the upside. :)

THE SNEE said...

Hahahaa...I so enjoy Snee as a verb!

GEM said...

Hi Kelly

Its good that you don't let your ailments stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Looks like you live in a lovely place despite the tornadoes. Glad you're safe.

Take Care


Static said...

I do too! Anyone can do it. It's quite practical in a number of conversational situations. To put one's foot down: "Now SNEE here!" To express satisfaction: "This is so SNEESOME!" To demonstrate an example: "SNEE what I'm talking about?" To show complete understanding: "I SNEE what you mean."

Static said...

About that kidney, Kelly...

is 5 o'clock good for you?

Kelly said...

Static- Hey, I'm finally replying. Let's see how long it lasts until my wife wants me to do something. Lol. You asked what camera I'm using. Here's the full name of it, plus the link down below that gives you the full specs on it...

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX9 16.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Still Camera with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full HD 1080/60i Video (Black)

Rather than reply to every point on your comment, which I read with interest, satisfaction and agreement, I'd rather we move on from the Farcebook thing. Yeah, we have too many shared viewpoints and likes and so on to quibble about "the small stuff." But no, you may not have one of my kidneys. :) lol. Nobody would want any of my body parts, anyway. Having Diabetes as bad as I do, I couldn't give away my blood, internal organs or the rest of my junk if I wanted to. Good luck on getting your dream camera, btw. I find that taking nature pictures relaxes me and gives me the peace of mind I desperately need, frequently.

And feel free to, as you say, "bore me to tears" about the other dualities of other natural phenomenon. Take care, dude.

Kelly said...

GEM- Yeah, I try not to let my ailments stop me from doing the things I enjoy. I just keep marching on, pushing through all of my physical and depression/anxiety issues the best I can. The area I live in offers a lot of great places to take pictures at. It cooled down today and it feels more like Spring as opposed to the last couple of weeks- so that's nice. We expect a high of 61 F, today. I'll probably go out for a walk, here, pretty soon, at the park. I hope all is well with you in Russia. Take care.

Dixie said...

So Kelly... are you calmer now? I'm tired of sitting here, picking m' nose. Juuussst kidding(not). Will there be film at eleven??

Kelly said...

Dixie- Yes, I'm more into the realm of tranquility nowadays. Are you really picking your nose nuggets? Have you found a good one yet? I'm snot kidding! I really need to know this invaluable information. Send a picture of your very best nose nugget and you will win a grand prize featuring an all day trip to Boogerland where you'll be pampered, bamboozled and given the Royal Flushing Out of the Nasal Passages treatment. But seriously, my friend, I apologize for not responding sooner. I took an extended break from the blog world. No posting. No blog visiting. Just a bunch of wacky Fartbook commenting and relaxing when I wasn't pushed and pulled into doing stuff in the crazy world of reality. I hope you are doing well, Dixie.

bazza said...

Hi Kezza, you will welcome back whenever you are ready!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

Bazza- Thank you. I am ready today. Get ready, Freddy. I mean Bazza. It won't be much of a post, size-wise... but it will be a taste of things to come. That sounded kinda naughty, eh?

Glad you haven't forgotten me yet. Take care, my friend.

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