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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taking It Easy

My wife and I took a drive to the park and had a nice relaxing time, recently.  We needed a break.

Shelter house at Versailles State Park



Where my mom, dad, sister and our friends and relatives would camp.  Mostly, it was just the four of us (sister,mom,dad and I) that would stay overnight when we were kids and teenagers.   We slept in this heavy canvas tent.  Sometimes ten of us could fit in there if we positioned ourselves just right. We would sit around the campfire, tell crazy, raunchy and entertaining stories and made the most noise in the park, out of all the guests, camping in the campground .  The park rangers would tell us to quiet down a couple times while we were there but they were nice about it.  We had a great time at site 116.  There would be times when there were a dozen and a half of us, laughing and frequently enjoying ourselves with adult beverages and fun conversations.  :)      

This is the red wooden bridge from the inside as we drove.  It goes between the town and the park.  Look... there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


bazza said...

Hi Kezza! In your picture labelled 'Dam' is that an expletive? If it's a low dam we tend to call it a weir in the UK. Just being picky.
I'm pleased to see there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the waters on the creek are calm. I just checked out Versailles State Park and it helps put you on the map a little bit!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

No dude, that is the official, for real and not a damn lie... The Versailles State Park Dam... spelled just that way. :) That's a pretty high dam, if you check out the picture and some of the other pics I've taken of it. Never heard of a 'weir'. Does that rhyme with the word peer or pear? One is a verb. One is a fruit. :) lol.

Glad you checked out where the park is, bazza. Does this mean you're going to pay us a visit soon and we kidnap you and hold you for ransom? That would be fun, eh? What a de-light to see the light at the tunnel, eh? Don't stir the calm waters, my friend. Tee hee. Take care!

bazza said...

It's pronounced like weird without the d.
I'm afraid if you held me to ransom Mrs Bazza might offer to pay for you to not let me go! (Only kidding!)
I'm off to have breakfast - goodnight.

The Angry Lurker said...

The pictures relaxed me, good to remember good times......

Pickleope said...

Wait a second, a sincere post without any insane humping jokes? Don't get me wrong it was a peaceful, lovely post, but are you feeling okay?
No, in all seriousness, looks blissfully relaxing.

Anonymous said...

The rather saucy Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Yes, I'm rather with Pickleope - where's the filth? That's what I want to know.
Ho-hum, I'll ask a servant to peel me another grape and have a glass of Scotch whisky.
Tally Ho!

Kelly said...

I'm glad they relaxed you and you're right... it is good to remember the good times.

Kelly said...

Yeah, Pickleope, a post without maniacal humping, jokes within, happens every so often in these parts of the internetz. I like to mix it up a bit. I'm feeling better than ever. Thanks for asking.

Yes, it was relaxing. Usually, I'm on one of my insane humping sprees. ;-)

Kelly said...

The Saucy and Kinda of Runny Sir Tom Eagerly-
No filth this time, Sir. Maybe next time. I guess I could tell you about the time Trixie the gymnast was cheerfully fisted by 2 different weight-lifting guys, simultaneously, during the last Olympics. I don't want to tell you about that, though Not to worry... this gymnast is well on her way to the London Olympics. Maybe you can catch her there.

Are you ever going to stop drinking, Sir Tom. Maybe you should try sobering up for your health. I'm so very deeply concerned for you. ;-) Take care and best wishes!

billy pilgrim said...

ten people in a tent, sounds like a giant dutch oven.

Kelly said...

Billy- Lol. It was fun having the ten or so people scrunched up in the old tent back in those days. Part of the fun was letting one off and knowing everyone else had to smell it. It was a big problem, though, if you had to pee and you had to crawl over bodies to get to the door of the tent.

Dixie said...

Well Kelly, I think photography is definitely the hobby for you; of course not to compete with farts and people who accost you in the park. Anyway great talent requires practice.

I really love your photos; such beautiful scenery; lucky you and Mrs. Kelly! So relaxing. Okay I simply must go read the other links you shared. Always looking to glean; helps my attitude. "Fukitol" first!

Kelly said...

Yeah Dixie, photography has always been a fun, interesting hobby for me. My mom had like 40 something, incredibly thick photo albums filled with pics from our trips across the country and family scenes, too. I caught the photo bug, I guess, from her. I've got half that many. With this fancy new camera, the wife bought me, I'm really having fun with photography these days. My other blog, Pics For Kicks, shows off some of my love for photography, if you're interested in check it out.

I find being out in nature, that I'm more in peace. More harmonious with everything, you could say.

Sorry it took me so long to respond back. I'm not in the blogging scene as much as I used to be. That's partially my decision and it's also due to Mrs. Kelly's work schedule and me finding the time to give her my attention during her odd hours that she does has off. I want to thank you for the compliments. Yeah, I remember that funny 'Fukitol' fake advertisement picture. I loved it. I think a lot of people take prescription medication that kinda makes you feel that way. It's either that or go crazy. lol.

I hope your attitude stays as positive as possible, Dixie. Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

She would, Bazza? Coooooool. Did you have eggs, sausage and taters in the morning, along with some coffee? Boy oh boy... that combination of breakfast foods is tasty but it gives me the roaring shits the rest of the day.

Dixie said...

great! can't wait to check out your photo blog; thanks for sharing that.

really? did it take long to respond or am just getting back to read the new post? i have no schedule at the moment :/

positive thoughts to you and mrs. K

Kelly said...

Thanks, Dixie!

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