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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What The Hell?

It has been a shitty morning. I hope the afternoon is better.

I couldn't sleep last night so I spent much of it dickering around on this computer. Because of this and the other thing, I maybe wound up with two hours sleep. The other thing is some asshole calling me repeatedly just to listen to the sound of my voice. We have caller ID on our phone. I would look at the screen to see what idiot was torturing me. Only one word came up, every time.


That was it: shrink.

What the hell? Maybe God or someone else was trying to tell me I needed a shrink. I don't know. Lord knows I think I need one sometimes.... especially nowadays. Anyway this idiot was calling me just as I would get into the REM phase of sleep. I would wake up every time, speak in tongues, knock the cat off the bed and reach for the freaking phone while morning drool dripped off my chin. Fun ahoy!

And I can't turn the ringer off. I have to keep the little bastard on in case my father (who is in poor health) might call me.

This was a bad situation, particularly because I knew I would have to do a lot of thinking today. I had to talk to someone in the medical profession about some bill they think we owe money on. I had to talk to my lawyer about my disability claim. I had to talk to the pharmacist for refills on my meds. All of this takes a working brain. And my brain was mush. All because of....


The good news is, is that I was able to make the calls without sounding like a tongue-speaking, snake-handling, religious freak.

And I only slobbered a little bit between calls.



Anonymous said...

You need a whistle for the next time this guy calls. I don't think he'll be calling if he's deaf.

Claire said...

lol @dickering, I say 'fannying around' when I am messing on the computer :)

The phone call thing would drive me absolutely insane, in fact it did once.

I had to have the phone on for the same reasons as you, well it was my mum not dad and I kept getting these stupid calls.
In the end I snapped and screamed very very loudly.


Unfortunately for me, it was not the pranksters that time, it was my grandma! whoops!

Kelly said...

King Al: Yeah, the whistle's a good idea. I would have screamed in the fucker's ear if I had the energy.

Claire: Is "fannying around" a term they use in England.

Ha ha. That's funny about what happened when your grandma called. Well, sort of. You know what I mean. By the way, did your grandma crap herself or anything when you yelled at her?

KD said...

ya dat's already suggested...whistel aloud and deafen him!
nicely written man!

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Benjamin Kerensa said...

I had a horrible morning too

Claire said...

Yep fannying around is a term they use in England. Just another term for procrastinating :)

But be careful about using the word fanny in the UK, it doesn't mean the same thing over here as it does over there :)

Luckily the gran is deaf and just thought I was shouting something but couldn't figure out what, hah.

J. Alden Page said...

That is really weird. If shrink keeps doing it you should block him/her. It's pretty easy to do with most cellphones, I've blocked a couple of people. If there isn't a landline setup out there that lets you block certain ids there should be.

Kelly said...

Thanks Jared. Luckily, what happened started that moring and ended that morning. Haven't had a ring from "shrink" since then. :)

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