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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great Pranks

The last few posts have been pretty damned heavy handed. Well it's time to take a well deserved break from that. We need some damned levity and jolly good fun around here. And, by gosh, it's going to start right now. How? Why by having fun at the expense of others, of course.

Recently, I posted a topic of discussion over at I asked, what's the best prank you ever pulled?

The following entries are the best so far. Enjoy. Links to the prank author's website have been added to each one.

Here is a short list:

1. Filled garbage can full of water. Leaned said garbage can up against neighbor's dorm room door. They opened door and turned their room into a pool.

2. Emptied a bag of 1,000 frozen lady bugs behind closet of another neighbor in my college dorm. Frozen lady bugs do not die when frozen, so when they thaw out they are quite alive. The entire building became infested with lady bugs.

3. Coated the door knobs of my dorm neighbor's with a fish paste fertilizer. It is extremely sticky and smells horrific. It is also really hard to remove with household soaps.

4. Placed explicit porn videos in friend's luggage knowing his mother unpacked his luggage when he visited home during college. He made mommy do his laundry. She was disappointed to discover he watched "Santa Cums Butt Once a Year."There are quite a few more, but my mind is tired.

We used to go camping a lot when I was young. My sister and I got those little white popper firecracker know what I am talking about? You throw them to the ground and they crack/pop loudly...forgot what they are really called. Anyway, we would go to the showers/bathrooms at the campground and stick them under the toilet sinks. Then we would go outside and wait for someone to go in and use the toilet. Someone would sit on it and it would POP and they would shriek. It really was hilarious!

I taped a hardcore gay porn pic to the back of my friends credit card. The cashier sure did look at him funny when he handed her the card.

I know of a guy in my town whose friends held him down at his bachelor party the night before his wedding and painted blue.Also, I worked at the YMCA when I was in college and people were always playing pranks. There was a girl from Costa Rica who worked at the front desk. These 2 camp counselors who worked there kept asking her to page people-only they weren't real people, just dirty names. So I would be working and suddenly hear things like this on the PA system: "Mike Hunt please come to the front desk, Mike Hunt."

Back in the NAVY, we had a guy on our ship that got into a tech school and was shipping out the next day to Tennessee (We were stationed in Virginia Beach). we took him out, got him all plastered, until he passed out at the hotel room, flat out on the floor with the bottle of Jack still in his hand. We got a couple of girls to do some "Girls Gone Wild pictures with him, then me and three other "good pals" tea-bagged him while taking pictures of that. Two weeks later, I receive a phone call from Tennessee, from our buddy, calling us everything but human beings, since his wife received the pictures in the mail.Two months later he called us thanking us for helping expedite the divorce. No One ever liked the bible thumping winch.

It wasn't me but a friend had a family reunion in California, picked her up at the airport, she'd never been to his house, he got her all stoked that the fam was waiting to see her, he dropped her off, said go on in, and he'd park the car, it wasn't even his house! She walked in on complete strangers... good thing they had a sense of humor!

This one took a lot of timing and a lot of assistance:Created an imaginary friend for a friend of mine. We'll call the imaginary one Fred and my real friend Buddy.1. Buddy would meet up with a group of friends and they'd tell him that Fred just left.2. Someone would see Buddy and tell him Fred had been asking for him. 3. His mother would leave messages that Fred had just called.This drove Buddy crazy and he started imagining he knew Fred and who he was. After 30 days on April Fools day we told him the truth. Fortunately he thought it was hysterical.

I am not much of a prankster though one time last summer I was at a friends home where the guest bathroom window was where the outside deck was. There was a bunch of people sitting around on lounges and chairs talking there most of the night.Myself an another person hatched this plan early on - we opened the bathroom window (it was close to where everyone was sitting) and went about our business for an hour or so. Finally I loaded up several gallons of water maybe 7 or 9 I can't remember. and stored them under the sink, he was sitting with the group under the window and excused himself to use the bathroom. He goes in and with the window open he starts slowly pouring the water into the toilet bowl. From the outside it sounded like the loudest and longest p-ss anyone had ever taken - the looks on the faces of these people was at first shock because they could h ear him, then awe and amazement at the duration of the honestly went on forever and the whole shocked awe and embarrassed looks of these people was great.

Called my baby sister Nancy from work. Or should say a friend did. April Fool's Day ya know. She works for the Railroad and had just got off work. At any rate he called her pretending to be an hour away and asked for instructions to get to her house for a delivery. She says I didn't order anything. He says "Well I got this here Transport truck full of canned Tuna. Coming from Florida ". She freaked. Course she is tired. LOL . She begins emptying her garage, neighbors garage etc.She waited, and waited and waited some more. So I called her back after lunch. I had to wait and let her stew about it. Her comment was (not a very nice one either) I don't have F**king time right now. WAiting for this stupid ******* ***** driver for over 2 hours now and still no show. Called her back 1/2 hour later and she is fuming by now. All I said was April Fool's and hung up. Took about 10 minutes. She had called my house looking for me and then called me at work. Yup good thing she was 3 hours away or she would have killed me. LOL.

And lastly, I'd like to add one of my own....

I had some wholesome fun with a Jehovah's Witness one day. Two of them, actually. They knocked on the door. I opened it. Then the preaching came out of their mouths in a fast paced slew of words. I pretended to listen, with a calm demeanor. Then I told them I have already been saved by my sweet lord, Lucifer. They gave me puzzled looks. I continued to explain why Satan was my best buddy and how he could offer them the same deal I got for my soul. For a few moments, they just stood there, but then they commenced to explain why their choice of religion was better. While they blathered, I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. At this, they stopped. I raised my arms high into the air and shouted, "Blasphemy!" Then I growled. They left quickly when I did that.

By the way, I'm not a Satanist. I was just having fun with the Witnesses because I find them annoying. They always seem to knock on the door just when you're about to eat or watch a favorite tv show. They're as bad as telemarketers. Heh heh.

Send all hate mail and pranks to me at:
I shall file them into the appropriate bins.


RTBjr73 said...

Leave it to the master to get some excellent responses!!!

Kelly said...

Heh heh.

Shad0w said...

Sweet I made the cut!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks You got some funny ones there LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes the name fits on this blog insane dude check mine out

cooper said...

I'm honored my prank will go down in history. I also got a line on some other good pranks here. Thanks.

Susie said...

Thanks for the add, loved that story, one I always remembered!

Kelly said...

Thank you to all of you!

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