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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smoking Ages

Smoking really does seem to age most people, prematurely. Not as bad as this funny exaggeration, I know.

I used to smoke. Stopped smoking about a year and a half ago. I still get strong nicotine cravings when I'm around others that smoke. I stopped because it was getting too expensive, and more importantly, it just added to all the other health problems I have.

So I quit, cold turkey. A female friend of mine, Abby, had stopped before me. I figured, if she can do it, so can I. After all, she had been smoking for years and years. I was impressed with her will power. And after I ceased puffing my life away, another friend, Marty, perhaps impressed with my will power, quit after me.

I don't preach to people about it, though. That never worked on me. I figure you'll quit smoking if you really want to quit smoking. Hell, maybe you're the kind of smoker who quits the habit and then becomes so agitated, you freak out on the drive-thru girl when she forgets to add the ketchup packets to your order, calling her an Airhead and then you get out of your car, jump up and down, sobbing, wetting your pants and then commence making noises only a crazed moose would love.

But getting back to how smoking ages you. It just does. You'll have to believe me on that. Now.... off you go.


Anne said...

Good deal! I quit 4 years ago and my own Marty (hubby) is still smoking away. This even after his lungs nearly kicked from a 3-story fall he had. I can't convince him it's bad...

Well, kudos to you-ain't nothin' wrong with preaching if the message is sound.

DrBurst| College Intention said...

Great post. I see minors outside of my HS puffing away, and it's sad. They all look really good, but, they are lossing it. Thanks for spreading the message.

Kelly said...

That is wonderful that you quit. I have been struggling with quitting for years. I have the desire but so far, the willpower has eluded me. One day, it will happen!

JD said...

damn, i'm 42 and look even older ...

Kelly said...

Anne: Yeah, it's hard to convince anyone to quit. I don't try. I do hope your husband wants to and decides to quit in the future.

drburst: No problem.

kelly: If you want to quit bad enough, it will happen.

jd: Hell, I'm 44 and I'm uglier.

Donald B. Dousharm said...

I quit alcohol, I quit drugs, I even quit smoking cigarettes for cigars.

The only two vices that I have left are caffeine and cigars. It's next but only when I am ready. I envy your will power.

Claire said...

Hooray for quitting!

I never took up the habit, as my dad threatened us with death if we took it up.

My granddad smoked 40+ day and died of lung cancer, with his lungs twice the size of normal full of tar. I know it doesn't affect everyone that way but its not worth it for me.

Prisqua said...

So glad i quit 4 years ago lol

Kelly said...

Donald: Thanks for the envy. I'm still sucking down motherloads of coffee every day. I doubt I'll ever give up my caffeine.

Claire: Wow. That's truly sad about your grandpa. His lungs got that bad? Well, with that many cigs, I can see why. When I smoked, I didn't smoke that much but I was start to. I decided I would stop at the beginning of the new year and I'm glad I did. I'm also glad you decided to never start. It rots your teeth out, too.

Prisqua: Good for you for quitting. Do you still have cravings?

Tommy Buettner said...

Yeah, I am the "agitated" one whnever I try to quit. That's why I don't go through the drive thru anytime I try to quit.

Kelly said...

Hey Tommy, that probably a good idea. I'd hate to see you cry and piss yourself. Well, on second thought, maybe I would. Hee ho.

Claire said...

Yep his lungs were that bad.

The thing that upset me the most, well apart from his dying, was that he was a huge bear of a man about 6'5. After he got ill he just shrank.

Being English my teeth are already at risk, so I don't want to add to it by smoking, lol :)

Kelly said...

Claire: I'm honestly sorry to hear about that about your grandpa.

Yeah, I know about that ol' teeth thing with the English. Heh heh. But from what I saw from the pictures on your website, your teeth look fine to me.... so far. lol. :)

Jeunelle Foster said...

Yup smoking sure ages you.
Personally I don't care if the person wants to age themselves, just don't sit next to me and smoke.
I have punched two people out sitting waiting for the train on a bench and they came and sat next to me and lit up a cigarette.
I went nuts and they ran for their miserable lives.
I will not tolerate someone stinking up my air.
Go stink up your own and have some consideration for others.
Bye the way, nice blog.

Claire said...

Aww thanks about the grandpa.

Yep my teeth are pretty good, touch wood.

Kelly said...

Thanks jeunelle! I like your blog, too.

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