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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friendship Flea Market (Part 1)

I will break this series up into 3 parts in order for all of you to benefit from it's detailed awesomeness better. There will be two posts about this event on this blog and the last post will be on my photo blog, Pics for Kicks, in the near future.

This is all about the Friendship Flea Market. A spectacle to behold! I went here several weeks ago and it was hot and fun. We go here twice a year for our bi-annual dose of all that is good that humanity has to offer.

You've heard me talk, a little, about our bi-annual tradition of going to the Friendship Flea Market, in search of odd and/or cool items or completely ridiculous stuff before in the past. I've also talked about the variety of rednecks, ugly fucks and freaks you'll encounter. But this time around, I'm going to go in depth, share a couple of interesting links and put up some captioned photos I took for you to be entertained by.

The following descriptions of the Friendship Flea Market come directly from their main website. Of course, some interesting data has also been added by yours truly. And no, by 'yours truly', I don't mean you can have lovable ol' me. I'm not cheap, unless you ladies suddenly drop to knees and start sucking like your life depends upon it. Which it might, if I have my gun handy dandy. Ha ha. What a wonderful, acceptable joke that was!

Seriously, I don't own a gun. Maybe.

Friendship Flea Market is not just a market, it is truly an event. The market features vendors of every sort, a variety of dining options, camping, and nightly bonfires with a live band. Admission is free and parking is only $3 per car. In the year 2011, the market celebrated it's 43rd year in Friendship, Indiana. Feel free to observe some of the patrons authentically dressed in buckskins, loincloths, and pioneer garb. Feel free, also, to witness sunburned babies, screaming in strollers, left alone by teenage redneck parents and the friendly tank topped people walking their Pit Bulls, dogs that will gladly chew off one of your legs, while you casually check out the 200 different varieties of salt at the spice booth.
Everything imaginable can be found at the flea market. Look for unlimited treasures including, furniture, knives, guns, sex toys, bongs, one hitters, porn movies, antiques, jewelry, clothes, crap that no one wants, rugs, toys, tools, electronics, lots of leather and related items to the more primitive. They even have books for sale for people that still read. Imagine that!

The flea market has 2 – 9 day shows every year in June and September, the same days as the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association hold their Spring and Fall Shoot. You can hear the shoot going on nearby while you shop, eat, endure sunstroke and walk through endless aisles of assorted stuff. In fact, the shooting, which is going on maybe 1/8th of a mile down the road, will happen, abruptly, without warning and will sound so loud and close, you'll swear you've been shot at least a half dozen times during the course of a day's visit.

Now, what the heck do you suppose that Sugar Glider is thinking about all of this?

This is the first part of a series. Anther post about the Market will become available in the days ahead. Stay tuned!


Pickleope said...

Sugar Glider's look awesome. Aside from that, everything else looks awesome for a totally different reason. What is with those gigantic panties!?!?!?!! I'd buy one and sell it to a homeless guy as a tent (or keep it for myself and reminisce about Auntie Too-Touchy). Incredi-crap-a-mazing!

Static said...

Well, I know if I were there and the Sugar Glider is thinking like me - or vice versa - I'd be thinkin', "holy shit, git me da fuck outta here...I wonder if thems are used panties hangin' on that line over thar. And if'n I have sunstroke, I wonder if a whiff of them used panties will bring me back, so I can run fer my goldarn life!!!"


this place looks awesome - wish we had a huge flea market like this near here

The Wolf said...

We used to have a flea market where I used to live on Vancouver island that was in this old drive in theater. It was nothing like what was in those pictures but every now and then you'd run into some weird shit.

LilPixi said...

That looks pretty damn awesome, and half damn scary! Obviously, I love the Grateful Dead art! =)

The underwear and the guy with the tater stick hanging out of his pants is just freaking hilarious!! Damn, I wish we had flea markets like that over here! I could do without the pile o' turds, though.

I love rare stuff. Never heard of a sugar glider either. You learn something new everyday.

Glad you've been having so much fun keeping so busy this summer, Kelly! =)

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,
I love flea markets, and this one looks especially entertaining! Who knew about the sugar glider? He looks like he's auditioning for the role of a ferocious rotweiller with that chain around his neck and the intensity in his eyes. Or, he's about to cut a debut rap album. It's a hard call. Thanks for the tour Kelly. I would love to see it in person!

Mrs. Pickle said...

I am simply jealous. You are such a spoiled bitch Kelly. How come they don’t have this kind of shit where I live?

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Yes, and you can buy Sugar Gliders at the flea market, too. Those outrageously huge panties are on sale, for real, for the morbidly obese and for those wishing to give them as gifts, as a joke. It would also be fun to give them to someone who's incredibly self-conscious about their weight in order to make them feel like a big pile o' turds. Your idea to buy one for a homeless guy, for a shelter, is a wonderful, thoughtful idea.

Kelly said...

Static- If I were the Sugar Glider, I would attempt to escape in fear of being killed and turned into "Sugar Glider On a Stick."

Kelly said...

TIMMYTHEROBOT- Yeah, this flea market is awesome. It's incredibly huge, too. I haven't read exactly how many acres it covers, but I bet it would cover anywhere from 6 to 10 acres in size.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I know what you mean by the weird shit, Wolf. This place offers plenty of weird shit. In order to see the entire flea market, plan on spending a couple days visiting here.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- This place is awesome, huge and you're correct in your assumption that it is kinda scary. But, really, no one will bother you... unless you bother them. You may have the occasional redneck drunk hit on you, but then, all you would have to do, is divert his attention by pointing off to his right, yell "Deer!" And he would go running off to kill the imaginary deer.

I figured you would like the Grateful Dead art. ;-)

Glad you're enjoying the pics and the tour of the flea market, so far. There's more to come when I get the time to get on the blog. Summer Fun Action is taking me for a ride this year and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Take care, LilPixi.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- It's impossible to become bored at this flea market, Rebecca. there's far too much to see and take in. That's why I've had to split this post up into 3 parts. I wouldn't be able to do the subject justice with just one.

You're right. The Sugar Glider does look like he's auditioning for that role. lol. You're welcome for the tour. Plenty more to come. The flea market is almost like visiting the circus and freak show, all rolled into one. You should check it out.

Kelly said...

Mrs. Pickle- I know. I know. I am such a SPOILED BITCH. I wish you had a flea market this awesome where you live. Maybe if I prayed to my imaginary friend, Wilbur, he'll grant you one. Oh joy!

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly.
Wow, this was a really neat and informative posting about the Friendship Flea Market. You know I always wanted to be friends with a flea. And I also thought at Flea Markets you could only buy fleas. Although, of course, I now know there is so much more than just fleas to purchase at a Flea Market. And I've been to a Flea Market. Yes sir, the prices on some of the goods were so expensive it felt more like I should 'Flee Market'. Did you know they also have Farmer's Markets? Much to my surprise it is not the farmers that you buy, but alas, their products on offer. Did you know that in lil' ol' Britain a Flea Market is called a 'Car Boot Sale' and yet, I have never seen a car boot for sale at a car boot sale, ever! Did you know the meaning of the 'boot' is what y'all call the 'trunk' of the car. Are you enjoying my fascinating info? No? Yikes! :)
Seriously, this Market you have told us adoring fans all about, does look like a very thrilling event. A celebration, in fact And just noting the offer on that 'Pile o' Turds' kinda makes me envious I don't live near such a festival of frolic and fun that can be had at the Friendship Flea Market.
Of course, I'm heading off to Wales to piss off singing folks and tend to the vast amounts of sheep in them green and pleasant pastures and hills and valleys that are like everywhere in Wales. If, for some ridiculous reason, I cannot manage to get to part two of this must read ongoing series, I shall endeavour to drop by after my wonderful tour of Wales, full of very strange singing folks and delightful sheep...
Take care and thanks for a fun post...I'm outta here, 'baaaah' n' stuff! :)

Static said...

Mmmm. "Sugar Glider On a Stick."

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hi Gary. Well, good gosh almighty... I already thought you were already friends with fleas, dude. After all, isn't Sasquatch a carrier of fleas? You've been to a flea market? Wow. And I truly mean that. Or not. :) And yeah, some of that stuff you find at flea markets is way higher in price than you'd find in retail stores. The wife and I will usually go to vendors we have known and trusted over the years to give us a fair price if/when we haggle over a price. Like you, we have loads of Farmer's Markets around here, too. You guys call flea markets Car Boot Sales, eh? No, I did not know about the 'boot' being the 'trunk' of a car. Your ultra interesting info is delighting me beyond all expectations, Gary. And yes, friend, the Friendship Flea Market is a one of a kind event. Have fun in Wales, Gary! Fuck the sheep and the odd singing folk for me, while frolicking and pissing people off. Wish I could videotape it all for you. And let me know when you come back so I can prepare a parade in your honor.

Kelly said...

Static- That will likely be the next "meat" on a stick they'll start selling down there. Every few years, it seems they have a new kind of "meat" they're selling. What's next... Baby Seal On a Stick?

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