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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Lucky Pig Rise Above United States Culture of Fear

(submitted by my sister)

That was my performance art captured digitally. I call it "Happy Lucky Pig Rise Above United States Culture of Fear". I don't know if that is a good caption. You can print whatever of this that you like, or edit it.

If anyone watches some videos or does some reading about where our food comes from--not just the meat--there's some f*ckin' messed up stuff being done to fruits, vegetables & grains, too... anyway, if you think about the "lifestyle" of the average hog, is it any wonder that they could become diseased. If John Wayne Gacy heard about the conditions of a U.S. poultry "farm", he'd pull his penis from the eye-socket of his most recent victim and wag his finger in disgust.

B.T.W., I think it's so odd when I hear something about pigs eating their own poop or sleeping in it. No they don't. Maybe if they are encased in a metal cage w/ not an inch in which to move around. How many times have you ever stepped in Ginger poo? Never. And neither has he. That's because he goes out of his way to do it away from everyone because he's allowed to, um, walk. (Also, he's never licked his nethers. Granted, he can't, but I just like to mention it.) Hear about the guy in Canada who gave Swine Flu to his hogs? One of my naughty friends was musing about just how the virus might have been transmitted from the man to his piggy. Bad, bad thoughts. If I ever infect my pig w/ cooties, I will hang my head in shame. In my county that kind of news would be head-line worthy to say the least.

Pussy Galore


Anonymous said...

Pigs are funny - even the four legged kind..LOL..hey are you the blogger who posted "Whats the funniest thing you can do with a cripple?" Great blog by the way...

Kelly said...

No, that was me, Kelly. My sister wrote this post.

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