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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Musings, Memories and The Final Curtain For Psycho Carnival


Well gang,

As the title implies, this will be the last post for my blog of 6 years, Psycho Carnival.  I want to thank everyone who has continuously followed the blog in the past and present.  Even those who have checked in, time to time, I appreciate the support. Speaking of support, I want to thank good friends like Gary, Static, Lilpixi, Bazza, Dixie and so many others, that it would take me forever to mention here, who have supported me through the good, bad, wild and crazy times while I've created posts on the blog. I really appreciate all of you and those I haven't mentioned.  Hopefully, you'll know who I'm referring to because I've visited your great blogs in the past and present.  You can look at my blogroll for all others who have interacted with me on the Internet, on their blogs or elsewhere, too.

I've always been strangely attracted to odd stories and images.  This goes for my preference in people, as well.  For me, there is almost no more of a heinous crime than to be boring- whether it's in a blog, in a social network like Facebook or in real life.

I've seen a lot of blogs come and go on the Internet throughout my six years doing this.  I've seen some really good ones stop posting and it has made me sad to see them drop off the radar in blogland. I get attached to people I really like.  I'm that way with my offline friends, too. I think and I've read, too, where something dramatic will happen and they'll stop doing their blog(s) .  The reasons they stop posting vary, of course.  Could be a job that takes most of their time. Could be a death in the family.  Could be, like in my case, total burnout from blogging.  That's not to say I haven't enjoyed everyone's blogs that I've visited and commented on (or should I say rambled, endlessly, on?)  And that's not to say I haven't enjoyed posting on my own blog, either, in the past.  I'm just totally burned out on the whole blogging business.

Mine has always been a variety type blog.  A lot of fictional stories.  True stories.  Some humorous subjects here.  Some serious topics there.  And some, maybe most, really, are a mix of emotions and topics of anything you can imagine or stuff that is unimaginable for you.  One thing I've always been, however, is honest.  I don't put on a superficial facade when I write.  It has always been from the heart and I usually let you know when I'm just joking if I'm making something up. And I've always leaned more toward, in favor and comments, those who are similar, in some ways, to my own blog when it comes to variety, humor and honesty.

Some folks who fake it could use a shitload of  the ol' "facing reality" kind of therapy.  Yep.   But I won't rant about that for a change.  LOL.  

This is my 500th post, by the way.  A milestone.  I enjoyed the journey, which this blog has been for me.  I've also regarded this blog as being very therapeutic in letting me get things off my chest.

While being in the blog biz, I hope I've helped others with my past humorous, depressing, wise or somewhat inspiring true stories. That goes for when I've commented on your blogs, too.

I also hope you appreciate the following images. Some are political.  Some I found to be funny, for whatever reason.  Some you might not understand.  I"m kind of complicated that way.  LOL.  I'm certainly no Simple Jack.  Or am I?  :)

The last two I find particularly humorous because you see a lot of that sort of thing (dramatic bullshit and endless arguing) on the Internet, in general, and on some blogs I've visited.  I never could understand that type of unrewarding, trivial thinking on the parts of the players who participate in that stuff.  But, heck no, I won't rant about that.  I never rant. And I'm never sarcastic, either.  Hahaha.... and so on.

I trust you've all gotten most of what I've tried to express in the past and enjoyed whatever it was I presented in words and images.  It's been a privilege in getting to know you.  I've certainly enjoyed commenting back and forth and exchanging ideas, jokes and viewpoints.

Who knows?  Someday, I might blog again.  It just won't be here and it will be, if it happens in the future, in a different style, for certain.  I'll let you know if I return to the scene.

Also, I plan on writing a book (I've had this plot-line for one rattling around in my head for decades now) as soon as I catch up on books that I've had lying around, never read and fixing things around the place.  The book I plan on writing will be fictional and incorporate some serious, humorous and surprising elements (especially for those who have read my stuff here).

If you want to "friend me" on Facebook, Google+ or if you want email me, let me know.  I'll give you the information so we can remain in contact and continue to interact.  I'd very much like that.  My Facebook page is a lot like my blog.  You won't see many goofy, cutesy pics of kittens or some similar shit like that... that often.  Most of the time, it will be humorous pics I put on my timeline or some serious stuff.  It's a mix.

In closing, I'd just like to thank all the people who have visited, commented on my posts and interacted with me on the net for all these years.  I consider you my friends.  Remember that! If you need my support, a laugh or anything that is possible for me to give, I'm there for you.  Goodbye... for now.  Any comments you make in the comment section, I'll respond to ASAP. I'll be making one last visit to all of your blogs, as well.  Take care!

Aloha and mahalo


Anonymous said...

my dear friend , let me be among the first to wish you nothing but success with your future endeavors. I was the last follower to join but I have spent considerable time reading back through your posts and enjoyed what I found. Good luck, the mohave rat

Unknown said...

Sorry to see it go, but I totally understand. Good luck with the book!

Pickleope said...

Well...shit. This was a eulogy. Though I don't know if it was appropriately demented enough to be your eulogy. When I started vomiting nonsense on the internet two years ago, you were one of the first blogs I found that shared the same sentiment, the same joy for the depraved and humor in the darkness, the same laughter as we spiral down into the abyss. All with the honesty necessary to pull off such a thing.
It will be sad to see you not post. It will be sad not to see you pop up intermittently in my feed.
No pretention, no delusion, pure honesty tinged with an aspiration to reveal life through humor. It's what I appreciate and it's what I'll mourn.
I'm on Google + (though I don't use it much). Drop a line on Twitter now and again.
Godspeed, sir.

Static said...

This is an unexpected development, and I'm a bit shocked, I'm also kind of bummed because I didn't get to come around as often as I would have liked, but I respect your decision and reasons for cutting the cord here.

I can relate to some degree. That's why I've taken a number of breaks, and well, who knows I may someday cut the cord myself at some point. I'm not sure. But for now I will continue blogging and connecting with you and my other friends on Facebook and so forth. Good luck and best wishes!

The Angry Lurker said...

Look after yourself out there mate......and good luck.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, that's a pity. Nice of you to sign off rather than just stop posting, so we know you didn't get swallowed by some giant monster coochie. Good luck with the book and take care.

billy pilgrim said...

we'll miss you.

of course we won't hold you to your word and will ask no questions should you change your mind.

Kelly said...

mohave rat- Thank you for joining me and thank you for reading back some of my posts and the compliment. I wish you luck, as well, friend. I'll be stopping by at your blog in a couple days or less. Take care.

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Thanks, Lana. Yeah, I figured you would understand. :) And thanks for wishing me luck on the book. Take care, my friend.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Yeah, when I read it back, this post did sound similar to a eulogy. You're right. On two things you mentioned. What I just said. And that this wasn't my usual demented, yet honest, style of writing. This was hard for me to write. I hate saying goodbyes for whatever reason but I figured I owed it to everyone. I didn't want to leave "cold turkey", so to speak.

That's true. I found that you and i had the same depraved sense of humor. We have both succeeded in shining a light on human nature and telling like it really is with a humorous slant. I notice that your writing, your quality of your blog, itself has great improved over the two years since you started out. I hope you continue and carry the torch of seeing and writing about all of the humor in all things dark and/or twisted in life, my friend. I will miss you and your blog. I always looked forward to reading whatever crazy or wise stuff you had laid out for the latest post, dude. Quality writing.

I'll be seeing you on Google+, then. If you ever get on Facebook, let me know so I can "friend you" and keep in touch. Take care! Stay in contact, my friend.

Kelly said...

Static- Yeah, I didn't want to surprise my blog pals, like you, like this. Up until a couple weeks ago, I still wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to end the blog. The closer it got to February, I decided it was time. It was a battle of "do or don't" in my mind, earlier. Honestly, I've been thinking about putting an end to it for the last couple of months in order to get started on writing a book. A lifelong dream. The blog posting, every just so often, being dropped from my life, will contribute to the time I can spend on writing the book. Of course, the rest of my time will be divided by wife, family (Dad's health problems), pets and the usual trouble we have going for us. That's why we have t get away from this place every once in awhile. Too much stress.

Thanks for respecting my decision and understanding. I've always enjoyed reading your blog and I not only respect and admire your quality of writing and your style, but I respect you, as a friend should.

Yes, I'll see you on the social network sites and terrorize as many people as we can, as usual. Just kidding. Sort of... :)

I thank you for wishing me luck, friend and I'll see you on the internutz later.

Kelly said...

Francis Lee- Thanks! I'll try. Yes, I'll be visiting your blog, later. Take care and good luck, yourself, my friend.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Yeah, I didn't want to do that. I never liked it when some of my favorite bloggers in the past just upped and quit blogging without so much as a reason or a goodbye.

I made a real connection, I feel, with you guys and gals in the blogging world and everywhere else on the net. It would be impolite to suddenly drop off the radar without saying anything.

I was knighted by the Queen as "Monster Coochie Slayer" just last week. Funny you should bring that up

Thank you for wishing me well and you take care, too, my friend.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Thanks, dude. I'll miss you, too. I'll miss all of ya, in fact. I consider you guys to be my friends.

LOL. No, I'm afraid I won't be changing my mind. I have thought about it for awhile. I may, someday, start up another blog- but it will be a long time from now. Take care, Billy and I'll see you at your own blog, later.

KimT said...

Say it ain't so, Joe, say it ain't so...

Okay, seriously, I'm putting my money on your missing the interaction with others way too much to stay away for long. Sure hope I'm right!

In the meantime or regardless - I'm so glad I've gotten to know you, and even more that we're FB friends. I'll catch ya over there :)

(p.s. - good luck with writing the book, 'bout dang time you wrote it! LOL)

Anonymous said...

I am a very fortunate person! Kelly is my favorite nephew, okay, he's the only blood nephew I have. He's more like my little brother, since we are only four years apart, we grew up together. The important point here, is that he can't get away from me. He's always just a phone call or a short drive away.
So if I need him to cheer me up with his sicko humor, or just listen to my problems. He's there for me.

I'm sorry for all of your followers, but I have Kelly until one of us dies, and maybe even after that. We are together forever, so to speak. And I wouldn't change that for the world! Follow your heart, Kelly, I'll be wth you!

Auntie Kay

unikorna said...

I am sorry to hear that Kelly. I know blogging is hard and annoying and sometimes you can run out of ideas's such an amazing way to get in touch with the world. Nevertheless I do understand your need to cool down and write that book. It is very time consuming and it requires you entire attention. I wish you the greatest of luck with the book ad I am sure you will blog again soon after. Kisses to you and your family. Take care kelly.

Unknown said...

AWE shit. Well hell. Damnit man!

These are my feelings on your decision. But I also totally get where you are coming from.

You've been such a sweet and supportive friend here in the world of blog. You get me and my dead mother shit better than anyone and I am always grateful for your kind words and perspective on grief and life and living through shitty times.

I think you're amazingly twisted and I hope life is more kind than crappy. Xoxo my friend!!

Lost in Space said...

I will miss your posts here. Though I never comment I have enjoyed reading your blog. But good luck with the book.

bazza said...

Respect man, respect.
Drop me an email now and then to keep in touch.
Good luck Kezza!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

Kim Thomas- Lol. Good evening or maybe it's good morning to you, Kim, my friend. Well, you might be right. but it will be a few years, in the least, before I start another blog. And if I do it will definitely be another blog. So ya might wanna put your betting money away. :) Besides, I'll still be interacting through emails and Facebook and even Google+, sometimes. I'l be using Facebook as a way of telling people how I'm coming along with the book.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know you through the blog and Facebook, as well, Kim. You're a great human being and a top notch friend.

I know. It is about dang time that I start writing a book. I've put it off way too long enough.

Take care, my friend. Peace!

Kelly said...

Auntie Kay- Yep, I'm your favorite and ONLY blood nephew. And true, I'll always be there for you, Kay.

I have a strong belief that you and I and the rest of our loved ones in the past and present will have each other in the afterlife. No doubt about it. I look forward to seeing Mom and Grandma Ivy and Grandma Gregory and all the rest when I (we) make it there.

I'm finally going to get started on that book I've been taking about for a few months now but thinking about creating for decades. I will certainly be following my heart, as you mentioned, in writing this book. It will be hardly anything like anything I've written here. I wish I could elaborate on the book's plot-line but I want it to be a surprise and I don't want to give away any of it's premise, except to say it will have a lot of heart in it. :)

Thank you very much for following and commenting on my blog, Aunt Kay, throughout the years. You've been a very faithful follower and supporter. Take care and good luck with your future wrist/hand surgery.

Mahalo! :)

Kelly said...

Unikorna- yeah, sometimes blogging can be arduous, at times. Especially, when you have so many other things going on in your life. I've taken breaks from the blog scene before but I really feel completely burnt out on the whole business. I haven't really ran out of ideas, however. Just burned out. :)

Who knows? I may blog again, with a completely new blog and new style someday. This blog, after all, was created way back in 2007, because of my need to express my depression after mom's death and also to express my feelings about today's crazy society and human nature.

If something traumatic happens to me again, I might blog again...after a period of some adjustment and lessened anxiety.

Yes, I want to pay as much attention to the book project as much as possible. I have enough problems with my ability to focus on something like this as it is, although I have published articles and poetry in the past. But a book is entirely different and takes more thought and time. You would know this, of course. You're a published author, yourself.

Thank you for your wish of luck, regarding my book and myself and the family. Take care, Petronela! I wish nothing but the best for you, your boyfriend, your blog, you pets and your publishing career. :D Aloha!

billy pilgrim said...

i'll be back like a dog keeping vigil at his master's grave in the hopes that he'll return.

of course us dogs have a tough time proving that we're not robots.

Kelly said...

Annabelle Archer- Thank you, Annabelle for the compliments. Yeah, I could really empathize with the loss of your mother situation, especially since I had lost my own mother 7 years ago and with us being so close and her so kind, I had a lot of grief (still do) and guilt to deal with. This blog, itself, was created partially because of my way of dealing with that loss but also because I wanted to address the ills of today's crazy societal behaviors and how it affects everyone.

I, too, am grateful for the kind words and support you have given me throughout the years. I will not forget that. I value and remember who my real friends are, whether they're online or offline.

I'm going to miss you, my friend and your quality, well- written blog.

I wish you nothing but the best. Take care, Annabelle and if you can, stay in touch.



Kelly said...

Lost in Space- Thanks for saying that. There a lot lot of blogs I would read and I would sometimes comment on them, sometimes not but I remember, always, how yours was so great so in so many ways. Very well written and put together, too.

Thanks for wishing me luck on the book. Take care!

Kelly said...

bazza- I've always respected you, as well, my friend. I will miss our interactions between our blogs. We still have email, though and I won't forget to drop you a line now and then. Of course, you know me. I never just 'drop a line' when I'm commenting or emailing. I tend to ramble on and get off the subject. LOL.

Keep in touch!

I want to say, just as importantly as what I just mentioned, that I have deeply valued our online friendship over all these years and the humorous banter we would have together. Take care, Friend Bazza.

Sincerely, your friend,


Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Hey there, again, billy. Two comments from you on one post. The last post. I must be finally doing something right. LOL.

I like what you said:

'i'll be back like a dog keeping vigil at his master's grave in the hopes that he'll return.'

I appreciate this, of course, but you don't have to be watching out for me, here. Unless you want to see how I respond to everyone else's last comments on this blog.

Like I've said to several people who have commented (and in the post), if I do come back to the blogging scene, it will be several years, if ever and it will be on an entirely different blog. I will contact you and everyone else who I've followed throughout my 6 years of blogging to let you know where I'm at.

You can also keep up with my book progress, jokey pics, useless status updates and other silliness on Fartbook and google+, if you get into any of those social network sites.

Take care, my friend Be well!


billy pilgrim said...

i'm still keeping a vigil.

here's a quote that made me laugh:

Firefighters eat 'til they're sleepy, and sleep 'til they're hungry.

billy pilgrim said...

kelly - we need your analysis on what that crazy pope is up to. popes don't retire, they croak in office. something fishy is going on.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Thank you for keeping a vigil, anyway, despite what I said before. I enjoyed the quote, too. there's also a little known quote that goes something like this...

"The crazy Pope will smoke his dope before he pulls up his gown and strokes." Fap... fap... fap.

Well, my analysis of what's really going on with the pope retiring is this. The old German religious figurehead of the Catholic church is saying he doesn't have the strength to carry on with the arduous tasks he must take on as the Pope.

But, in my opinion, I would say since the Catholic church, the priests molesting those young lads and the many cover ups by the cardinals and the rest are taking their toll on the old, previous Nazi youth (it's true... he used to be in the Nazi Youth brigade in his teens) Pope-a-teer and he's wanting to step down and get away from all the effort that it takes to help with the cover ups and all the face-saving that goes with it. That... and, in truth, he probably is getting too old for the job. He is, after all, very very ancient. He was around, in fact, when Fred Flintstone worked at the rock quarry with Barney Rubble. Back then, he fondled Dino.

Of course, I might have made that last part up... but not the Nazi part. You can look that up if you don't know about it, already, although I suspect you do. there are little details that go along with that, though, as well.

That's my take on the scandal and the real truth of it all. Nice to hear from you again, my friend, billy.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for dropping me a line to tell me of your decision to close shop. I'm sad to see this landmark disappear from blogland, but completely understand as I waver between holding on or shutting down. Though I don't drop by here as frequently as I used to, I will certainly miss this exotic (yes, exotic) stop on my virtual cruise around the interweb. The good news is that we are now practiced at keeping in contact in other ways. I wish you luck and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Your humor, imagination and frankness are invaluable. So...toodooloo PsychoCarnival and thank you for a really wonderful,sometimes scary, always thought provoking, humorous,honest and creative read. You made me feel very welcome when I started my blog,and I am so grateful for your constant support. Thank you so much for everything! A toast to you and the future,
Rebecca aka THE SNEE

Kelly said...

Hello and good afternoon, Rebecca of THE SNEE

Yeah, I felt it was the right thing to do- letting everyone know that I'm quitting the blog biz for the foreseeable future. I'm sad, in a big way, to see it go, but then I remind myself of the two big reasons I not going to post anymore or comment on other blogger's blogs.

I've always had fond experiences when you'd drop by Psycho Carnival and leave an amusing and/or interesting comment. And yes, I will miss you and yes, I certainly understand why you haven't been around much in the blogosphere. I remember, in fact, during one of our FB private message sessions, the reasons you gave for either quitting the blog biz or 'holding on' to it. One of your reasons were similar to my own, in fact, regarding writing a book. I hope that wasn't a big secret I just let out of the bag. Oops.

I'm glad we have email and facebook to still continue interacting. You're too good of a supportive friend to lose, Rebecca. and besides, you're smarter and more quick witted than I could ever dream to be.

You were giving me some wonderful, much appreciated compliments, regarding my blog posts, my friend. Thank you! Of all those things you mentioned, I consider... well... let's face it... all of them- to reflect positively on me and I could easily say the same of your blog and yourself (except the scary part). LOL. Your satire news posts and perspective were always fresh, smart and humorous. No denying it.

I'm appy to know I made you feel welcome when you first entered into the fray of the blogosphere. I did/do always try to do that- especially with folks I knew had real substance to their blog. In closing, before I write a novel, here, I'd just like to say I am grateful for your interaction and interaction with me between the blogging, the facebooking and so on.

Take great care of you and yours, Rebecca. I wish you well in the present and the future with all that you endeavor to do.



klahanie said...

Hey Kelly.

I finally arrived. After several 'threats' to you of visiting this posting, I've finally arrived. You know I'm sorry it has taken this long, but I know you understand why.

And on the anniversary of blog 500 you bid farewell. That would be a pity because with your variety writing from the down right bizarre to the deeply profound, I would sorely miss your site.

However, the good news is that you can finally concentrate on your book. I, for one, will be patiently lined up outside the bookshop in hopes of getting an autographed copy from you.

Your interaction, my friend, is treasured and I know we can still keep in touch and share our fascinating profile updates and banter on 'Farcebook'.

Peace and much success to you, Kelly.

With respect and admiration, your friend,


Dixie@dcrelief said...

Dear Kelly,
Blah, blah, blah, fuck, shit, no!
Musical interlude....
1, 2, 3, 4... I'm okay.

So a book is in the wings? I'm so glad you've chosen to do one, at least one. "Chocked full of surprises," eh? The hard part is for me to patient. The hard part for you will be choosing a book jacket, hmm?

I can't believe there's really never gonna a "Toadie doll". WTF am I supposed to do? It would be like talking to you... if I had one.(Get over it Dix... no doll.)

I'm sending a friend thingy on FB. Of course you might have to block my shit... I post happy crap on Tuesdays; junk bonds on Wednesdays, and Thursdays are for pity parties.

OMG, Kelly, I wish you so much success. (Trying not to cry - me not you, asshole.) I know this had to be a tough decision. Fart(putt, putt, putt.) See!! How much I've learned from you(wailing harder now). I feel like a sister let behind.(sobbing now).

Seriously... I know how you feel. Got 948 posts since 2006. Whatever you do, keep writing, keep living strong, loving people in that special Kelly way. xxx to you, the wife, the pets, Dad, and everybody else. I only add this advise:

"What is... is,
What ain't.. ain't,
And the rest is bullshit." (dcrelief)

Love you.
(Guess none of that above remotely changed your mind?)shit, fuck, no?

billy pilgrim said...

well, i'm still keeping the vigil but this fucking pope deal has really stumped me. they finally get an efficient german pope to cut costs and increase productivity and then he goes and quits.

his stock options are probably vested and will evaporate when he leaves office.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hi Gary, I hope you are doing well. I've read where you got a piece of good news, recently. I'm truly happy for you, dude.

Well, it's been a long journey ad fruitful journey for you and I in the Land of Blog. My journey ends, for now until I come back to it... if ever. In either case, it has been a rewarding experience because I got to share my humor, stories, viewpoints, feelings and was able to relieve some stress through some of my crazy rants. :) I also got to interact with you and read your great blog posts on your blog. Very significant o me. You're a great friend and will always consider you as such. You've always been very supportive and have given me a lot to think about and laugh over over the years since I've been doing Psycho Carnival. I can't thank you enough for that.

I thank you for the above compliments, including the one about the book. If I'm lucky enough, it will be published so that you can, indeed, buy it. If it isn't published, there are other ways to get my fictional story out to the masses.

I plan on keeping everyone up to date on my progress with the book on Farebook and will be dropping you a line or four or twelve about the experience through private messages and on regular ol' Farcebook.

I'll keep in touch, in any case.

With gratitude and respect,

Your friend,


Kelly said...

Dixie- I think the start of your little tune at the beginning of your comment could be part of a Disney theme song. It was so precious n' stuff. :)

Yep, starting the beginning of March, I'm going to begin writing the book. It will, I believe, surprise quite a few folks- friends, family and blogger pals, alike. For one thing, one of the themes of the book will involve romance, if you can believe that- coming from a nasty ass potty mouth like yours truly. Fuck, shit, piss and damn! Hard to believe, eh?

Sorry I couldn't get ya that Toadie doll. They went so fast that supplies ran out in the big warehouse.

If you're serious about friending me on Facebook, which I'd really like if you did, my FB URL is:

I promise to not be put off with your 'happy cra' on FB. I havea range of friends on there who go from one extreme to the other with what they put on their timelines. :D One guy seems to have a massive dildo fetish. One girl has a kitten infatuation.

My blog email address is:

I'm sorry to have made you cry. I wanted you to know I really enjoyed blogging with you and getting to know you better, Dixie. You're a good friend and I always looked forward to your comments. You would always give me supportive and/or humorous words to pick up my day. I wish you nothing but success, as well. You deserve it.

Quitting blogging was a tough decision, as you said. I had been thinking about doing it for months for reasons I already stated in the post. what makes it hard is missing all the friends you've made over the years while blogging. I do hope that you stay in contact with me, my dear. But if you don't, I'll always cherish the fun we had in BlogLand.

Wow, you created 948 posts since 2006? You rank as a true veteran in the blogosphere. Quite an accomplishment! I'm impressed.

In closing, I love you, too, Dixie. Take care!

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- I don't know what to make of the ol' German leader of the Catlick church stepping down.

I'm sure you're right about his stock options. Maybe his holiness stepped down before they found out he was molesting goats and milking bulls. Who knows?

I'm stumped, too.

billy pilgrim said...

i'm pretty sure the pope stepping down had to do with the vatican not selling enough merchandise and t-shirts whilst he was leader.

tony soprano needed good earners, so does the vatican and they can get blood from a rock if need be.

the weather's a little cold standing vigil but things should improve soon.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

So Keellllly... it's March 1st! No pressure but get yo ass up and start writing. Knowing you, you'll be finished by end of summer... another cruise post with pics would be nice, hint, effing hint!
I have decided to make my own Toadie Doll, damn the rights man! He will be photographed and said photo sent to you via FB. I think I'll have him wear a colorful t-shirt that say: "Kelly licked me back!"
That's all. Happy writing!

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- You could be right about the pope stepping down because his holiness wasn't selling enough merchandise and t-shirts.

It could also be because he was caught, "jizz-handed", by a lurking cardinal who was posing as the pope's friend but was, in reality, his enemy and the cardinal was watching the pope, through a peephole, jerking off a priest who was jerking off an altar boy. A Ménage à trois of holy circle jerking, so to speak.

And then the cardinal took some pics of what he witnessed, jerked off later to the naughty pics and then gave them to the rest of the cardinals to jerk off to, at their leisure, and then blackmailed and forced the pope to quit his day job. Who knows?

Or it could be that the Mafia ousted the pope, like you said, because he wasn't bringing in enough money to the Catholic church to give to the mafia. The church can't survive on holy circle jerks, alone, after all.

I, again, wish to point out that I'm grateful that you're continuing to keep vigil but I will have to say, once again, that I won't be blogging with this blog ever again.

I may blog again, with a newly created blog, in the future, however. If I do, I'll hook back up with you and the rest of my blogging buddies and continue interacting with you. Take care, billy.

Kelly said...

Dixie- Well, since I got back to you a day later, it's March 2nd. And, unfortunately, due to a lot of reasons involving family, a crazy kitten and things that I was trying to accomplish (but haven't yet- because certain family members and the crazy cat won't stop putting up road blocks in my efforts to write my book), I haven't begun to write.

Fortunately, Dixie, we're finally ridding ourselves of the crazy kitten early next week. She's torn up everything in our apartment that you can or can't imagine and we've done so many things and spent so much money on her in our attempts to calm her down that just haven't proved to be successful. We're either giving up the impossible cat to one of my wife's co-workers or to PAWS.

Unfortunately, we can't take another cruise and also, unfortunately, we're having trouble just getting some of our bills paid on time these days because of some unfortunate events that would take forever to explain. This means we won't be able to go on any more cruises or expensive vacation trips in probably another year... possibly two. This economy isn't helping, either. A lot of things, in fact, aren't helping. Sorry to be such a downer, Dixie.

On a lighter note:

I can't wait to see the Toadie doll you come up with. I'd love to see pics of your imagined image of Toadie and your outstanding workmanship in doll making. will he be a fully functional sex doll, I wonder. expecially with your slogan: 'Kelly licked me back!' That's sweet. I'm sorry. My wondering mind always seems to end up in the gutter. I feel really really bad about that. ;) NOT. :)

I hope to be writing, for real, on the book, in another week or two. I hope nothing else gets in my way because I really want this to happen and dearly wish to get the book out of my head and onto paper, ASAP.

Take care, Dixie. Stay well, keep up your great sense of humor and upbeat attitude. I'll try to do the same against all of the adversity I'm facing.

See you on Facebook!

billy pilgrim said...

i'm still keeping a vigil.

i'm also smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.
now, don't tell me I've nothing to do.

Yarnlady said...

I feel guilty now for not saying good bye. Oh well....I have popped in from time to time to read what everyone is up to...just not in the blogging mood....I feel ya Kelly.
I hope you do well in all your endeavors.
you did see Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares got published? so cool.
I'll miss see you. Haven't looked to see if your photos are going to continue.If not...sigh...
good bye and good luck

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Hey, that's nice of ya to keep a vigil, dude. Smoking cigs and watching Captain Kangaroo. One will fill ya with cancer. The other will fill ya with crazy thoughts in your head.

They say the Captain was a masterful wizard who put a spell on children and adults that forced them into eating heads of cabbage until their bellies and bowels exploded.

Take care, billy.

Kelly said...

MartyrMom- Long time- no hear from but I'm glad you stopped by. I missed ya and even tried to stay in touch time to time by dropping in on your blog and commenting or just to see how you were doing. Yeah, the blogging business gets kinda redundant after awhile. Plus, other more important things seem to take precedence over your life.

This is what happened with me... and the book idea I have is still something I want to do. I just have to get over a couple unexpected hurdles so I can fully focus on it. Once I get going on it, I don't want to be held up too much.

Speaking of books... Hearty congrats to you on the book, Missed Periods and other Grammar Scares!

I didn't know you were published. That is very cool. I'm not sure if I continue my photo blog. I still haven't put the new Hawaiian cruise pics up there yet where we to 5 different islands this last October. That was fun! If I get back to blogging, someday (never say never!), I will likely start that back up again on another blog site and maybe go back to my photo blog, too.

I wish you nothing but peace and good wishes, as well. I hope you're doing well, in fact, as we speak.

Now it's time to read the email you sent me a couple days ago and respond. I read my emails on my blog email account about once every couple days or so these days. Ta-ta!

Take care!

billy pilgrim said...

the spring weather is making my vigil much more enjoyable. just yesterday i met a lovely couple from ilium new york.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Sorry it has taken me this long to respond. Glory be! True Spring is here at last. for awhile there, I didn't think we would ever see signs of Spring in my neck o' the woods. It just wouldn't stop snowing or being freezing cold. My nuts nearly dropped off with frostbite. that's how damn long the freezing temperatures hung around.

I take it your weather has much improved, as well, billy. Did you have a lovely 3-way with that lovely couple from New York???

Thanks for keeping the vigil. As long as you comment... I will always respond- even if it takes me a couple weeks. :) Take care, billy

billy pilgrim said...

i'm back! the weather is lovely and the turtles are happily basking in the may sun.

the first few months of the vigil were a little chilly but i'm on easy street now. the babes are walking by in their skimpy summer outfits and i think one of them is giving me the eye.

life is good for me and i hope it's better than good for you.

billy pilgrim said...

it's great weather out here. the water is warm and there's plenty to eat.

billy pilgrim said...

i'm getting a very nice sun tan keeping vigil but i don't know if i can keep up the vigil when the weather changes in the fall.

Kelly said...

Well, I'm back, billy. Yeah, I know I've been a bad little blogger and haven't lived up to my promise of responding, promptly, to you your comments. My apologies. I can tell you that I will be working hard on the book, now, that I took a break because I was sick and my wife was on vacation (this means she wants to do something, everyday). Not that that's a bad thing, it just keeps me away from the PC and I feel more obliged to her than my hobby of getting on the net and having fun.

Speaking of weather... Thought I'd better change the subject unless she beats me balls again against the brick wall, outside... it's been sunny, here, for the most part. We'll have little deluges of rain and hail nut for the most part, our temperatures range in the 70 to 90 F. area.

I'm glad the babes in the skimpy outfits are entertaining you, dude. Babe-watching is a hobby of mine, too. But I never touch or flirt. If I were to do that I'd be begging to meet my wife, the ballbreaker. :) Nah... I'll pass.

I applaud you on your vigil-ism on my website, billy. I really do. I'm glad, too, it's fairly sunny there, where you live. I've always said there's a chance I may come up with a new blog in the future. Like I said before, I will be contacting you and the rest of my blog pals if that happens.

For now, my focus, when I'm not interrupted by sickness or family affairs, is on the book. Currently, I'm on chapter 26 (first draft).

Take care, billy

billy pilgrim said...

well i'm back after taking up with a lovely nubile young trapeze artist and her travelling circus. i thought i'd found true love until my johnson started to burn like crazy when taking a leak. the slut gave me the clap so it was sayonara suzy.

good luck with the book. remember to be real tough on your main character. throw everything at him and put him through hell and back. readers are bunch of saps and they'll eat it up.

Kelly said...

You should have stuffed a big ol' grapefruit ball up inside her whoopity doo dah and sold tickets to everybody so they could see the girl who had a grapefruit up yonder it her toot hole, billy!

I feel for your burning wing wang but I will not feel for it, literally. Just wanna clear that up!

I will take your advice on the main character and what I have to put him through. I might even have him getting Chlamadia in the story.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, billy

billy pilgrim said...

well summer is almost over. the weather will get colder and the young ladies won't look nearly as good in their parkas as they do in their skimpy summer outfits but i said what i meant, and i meant what i said.

i'll be keeping a vigil one hundred percent!

billy pilgrim said...

i'm gonna have to leave soon to camp out at best buy. i need a shit load of aaa batteries and someone told me best buy would have great black friday deal on them.

Kelly said...

I'm still working on the book. After I'm done with the book, I'll be back, someday, somehow, somewhere. I wish you luck at BEST BUY. I usually run out when I'm using my penis pump. Glad you friended me on Fartbook. Later!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Yes, I know, it's August 2014. Felt the urge to read something marvelously crazy. Your blog always satisfies. Okay, bye for now.

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